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Welcome to Captain Olan's Yu-Gi-Oh page!

This site is dedicated to the best CCG out there and all of the cool people who play it!
The object of this site is give Duelists a chance for their voices to be heard.
Duelists can submit fan art, custom decks and their opinions about cards.
As with most Yu-Gi-Oh! sites, There will be a Card of the Week section,
so keep checking back for updates!

Card of the Week! | Custom Decks! | Fan Art!
Yu-Gi-Oh! Art | Staff & Members Page! | How to Play & Card Rules!

If you don't find what you are looking for on this page, check out these other awesome YuGiOh! websites.

YuGiOh Tradingpost ~ My personal favorite. I'm also part of staff for this site! =)
YuGiOh Realms ~ A good site for a Card Database, but you need to get a Membership (it's free) to view stuff.
YuGiOh Dungeon ~ This is a really good website, but for some reason the bandwith is down, so keep checking back until you can get in.

Sports Cards Etc. ~ This is the website of the card shop I go to. It's AWESOME!!!

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