Here are the rules. Yes there are rules... there always are. =P
But don't worry, they aren't too much.

  1. You need to have a wolf name. Something that ends in 'Wolf'. (ex. Spirit Wolf, Running Wolf, etc.)
    Check the members page to see if the one you want is taken!

  2. When you sign up, you must have a name, a wolf name, and a website with a title. if you do not have all of those, then you can't be put on the list.

  3. No porn, commercial, or unappropriate websites.

  4. Your website does not need to be about wolves, you just have to love wolves dearly!

  5. The code you choose must be on the website when I go to see it. That means please put the code up before you send the join form.

  6. If the code is on a different page as your main one, please send that in as well.

  7. I will not accept expage, or neopet pages. Please have a real website!

  8. The answer to the secret question is: helium

Proceed to the Join Form.