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Web Update 2

Welcome to the official Web Update 2 web site. Here you will find information about one of the best automatic software updating tools for Windows. With Web Update 2 you can update your own applications automatically from the web, letting your users to have your latest release of your software instantly reducing software maintenance costs. Web Update 2 functionality is similar to the one found with Norton’s LiveUpdate, but with Web Update 2 you have total control about how and when your application is updated.

Just include our Web Update 2 Engine and COM library with your application, and you can easily update your application from the Internet with just a few lines of code. Web Update 2 can be used with any software development tool that supports COM like: Microsoft Visual Basic, Visual C, Visual J++, Borland Delphi, C++ Builder and the brand new Visual Studio.NET (Visual C#, VB.NET).

Our software is always in continuous development, so all suggestions and opinions are welcome. Please send your feedback to Alexis Ríos. Thank you for your support