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Lord of the Rings/Harry Potter and Real Person Slash Fiction.....

If you want to submit a fic, I have a few rules:
01) I accept NC17 only, as I am a smut and slash whore.
02) LOTR pairings I accept: Legolas/Frodo, Legolas/Boromir and Legolas/Aragorn.
Harry Potter pairings I accept: Draco/Harry, Lucius/Harry and my three het exceptions: Hermione/Draco or Hermione/Lucius or Draco/Hermione/Lucius. I will not accept any other LOTR/Harry Potter pairings.
03) Legolas/Orlando should be the main character when submitting a LOTR/RPS fic. Draco/Tom, Jason/Lucius should be the main character when submitting a Harry Potter fic.
04) I'm a HUGE fan of RPS (Real Person Slash).
LOTR RPS pairings I accept: Orlando Bloom/Elijah Wood, Sean Bean/Orlando Bloom and Orlando Bloom/Viggo Mortensen.
Harry Potter RPS pairings I accept: Jason/Tom, Tom/Daniel, Jason/Daniel.
I will not accept any other LOTR/Harry Potter RPS pairings.
05) I will accept Will Turner/Jack Sparrow and Orlando/Johnny fics. Cuz it's hot. As long as you follow rule #1. ;)
06) I will accept any genre. Angst, fluff, torture, character death, etc. As long as you stick to rule #1.
07) Please, please beta your stuff! I hate fics that are full of typos and make no sense!! If you want me to beta it, I will. Just let me know. ^_^
08) I do not accept fics with made up female/male characters! (No Mary Sue's, author is a character in the story etc.) Only characters/actors that actually exsist in movies/real life. Thanks!
09) Occasionally I will host a fic that has het in it. Only if I ask the author. Please don't submit het fics to me, unless they follow rule #2. Thank you.
10) I will also host any slash fics that have any characters that Orlando Bloom has played. Paris, Joe, Jimmy, Will etc. He is my fave and I can't turn him away. Heh heh.
I know that's a lot of rules, but I have my standards! *lol* That's pretty much it! Send away !! :)

*I am trying to find people who have written Orlando Bloom/Tom Felton fics. If you have or are willing to, please drop me an e-mail!!*

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