Age:2(dog years) Origin:Poodle ~ MUFFY! Need I say more? Yeah Muffy is the all powerful poodle of doom. She's got style with her attack the tallest druid sense of humor. Yes Naim has many a scar from the fearless mutt! Anyway Muffy is a pure bread poodle, she's Penelope's little dog. The two of them have similar personalities, they're both snobby and enjoy doing stupid things. Muffy isn't afraid of anything, hey if Miranda had whimped out in her final battle with Hate, then I'm sure that Muffy would have gone in and mauled that demon! Of course Miranda defeated Hate, so Muffy didn't get her chance. Though never the less Muffy's pretty brave and no amount of rabies vaccanations can take that away from her! As for a physical discription Muffy is a small toy poodle, her fur is white and she's almost always wearing bows! Stay tuned for Burning Crown info!

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