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Realms of Elven Light

     Some people say that Middle-Earth was never real. That it, and The Hobbit, and The Lord of the Rings, are nothing more than fantasy, a fictional world created by a mortal man. However, a few people, myself included, know for a fact that it is real. Middle-Earth, the wars, the people, the places, all of it, existed in the past. But when the Elves left, Middle-Earth began to fade, and it's creatures began to disappear, and whether they died out or are simply choosing to remain hidden we do not know. Middle-Earth became simply Earth, a world of Men who know their history but choose not to believe. If you do not believe that what I have told you is truth, remember this: All legends, all myths, were at one time known as truth. For Truth becomes Legend, and Legend becomes Myth.

     Middle-Earth was real once, long ago. And perhaps,one day, it will be real again.

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