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The Basics:

            Rainbow Brite, as you probably know, was the star of a 1980's cartoon series, she along with the Color Kids and the fuzzy little
sprites were in charge of keeping Rainbow Land and the world full of bright and cheerful colors.

         It began when Rainbow Brite, then called Wisp, descended to a gloomy world, that could be filled with color once again.  However, to accomplish this, she first needed to find the Sphere of Light, which would guide her to the color belt.  Along the way to finding the Sphere of Light, she meets up with a small white fuzzy sprite, named Twink.  After a lot of convincing, Wisp's courage pulls through and they begin the search for the sphere.  They find that many of the sprites and other animals of the land have been frozen in ice. One of these animals is a horse who's name is Starlight.  They travel for a long time, finding nothing except darkness and it begins to rain.  Wisp hears a baby crying and follows its voice.  They decide that waiting the storm out in a cave is the best they can do for the moment.  So Wisp, Twink and Starlight take the baby into the cave, where they sit and rest next to a fire.  Within the fire's light Wisp spots a dull belt off in one of the corners of the cave, even though it doesn't look like much, she decides to put it on.  And when doing so, finds that this is the Color Belt, and that she needs to go find the Color Kids who have been scattered over Rainbow Land.  After collecting all of the Color Kids, the baby is stolen by Murky and Lurky (the two main villians of the show) to bring to their master.  Rainbow goes and defeats the master, and in doing so, resques the baby, of which she learns is the Sphere of Light. All of the colors that were once lost to Rainbow Land return

        For her heroic deeds, Wisp is granted the name Rainbow Brite and is given the job of ruling over Rainbow Land.  She lives in the Color Castle along with her two pets, Puppy and Kitty Brite.  The Color Kids live outside the castle in their respective lands.

        To work to keep the world colorful, the Color Kids and the Sprites were given the job of collecting Color Crystals which are found in the Color Cave. These are what keep the colors in Rainbow Land from fading.

        Although their master is defeated, Murky and Lurky still live close to Rainbow Brite, in the Pits.

        If you want to watch the Beginning of Rainbow Land, go here.

Where to find Rainbow Brite:

        Unfortunatly, today, the orginal Rainbow Brite items are no longer being made.  However, Hot Topic does carry some new Rainbow Brite items (I purchased a pair of shoelaces there). Other places you can find stuff include E-bay (you can find the dolls and other stuff here)...also, if your looking for Rainbow Brite Episodes to download, you can find them here. I've also found the Rainbow Brite Movie, Rainbow Brite and the Star Steeler at Amazon.


My Collection:

Right now, personally I own, a 12" Rainbow Brite doll, 12" Patty O'Green doll and the Taco Bell Sprites, Champ, Spark.....

This is Spark.......right now he's enjoying himself at my bf's house.font>

I just got Patty whoo hooo!!! Click here to see her picture.

I'll have pictures of the other Rainbow Brite stuff I own up soon....hopefully....


Who Made Her:

                Rainbow Brite was made by Hallmark Greeting Cards in 1983.