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Care Bears
Rainbow Brite
Strawberry Shortcake
Spider Man


Web Design


Warner Brothers:

          I think this is self explanatory.......

Disney Online:

           Again, self explanatory......


            Animation company, made A Bugs Life, Toy Story, and Monsters Inc. (Kittie!!!) <---if you saw the movie, you'll get the
             joke. =P


            Another animation company, made Shrek.

Care Bears:

Care Bears Forever:

            Very large Care Bear site, containing everything from AIM Buddy Icons, to pictures, to MP3s.....extensive Care Bear site.

Rabbit's Care Bear Site:

            Another large site, currently being updated, but a link to the old site is still there...

AFUNK-Care Bears Coloring Books:

            Black and white coloring book images of the Care Bears.

Care Bear's Online:

            Another large site, including fan-art, episode list, etc.

Care Bear Webring:

            I think this is self explanatory.

Tracy's Care Bear Site:

            Pictures and character descriptions of all of the Bears, Cousins, and "Bad Guys"


Rainbow Brite:

Welcome to Rainbow Land:

            The largest Rainbow Brite site I've ever seen, has images, and even old TV Episodes you can download.

Images of Rainbow Brite and the Color Kids:

            Large image gallery, isn't thumbnailed.....but....ah well....still nice site.

Rainbow Brite Webring:

            Again, I think this is self explanatory.

Strawberry Shortcake:

Strawberry Land:

        Nice site, has info. on the SS dolls, etc.

Strawberry Central:

        Has a lot of SS stuff for sale.....

Strawberry Shortcake Forever:

        Place to buy SS stuff....also has a chat room, and other stuff.....

Strawberry Sightings:

          Nice, somewhat large, Strawberry Shortcake, info, other stuff....

Strawberry Shortcake Berryville Ring:

         Again, need I explain?? Kinda small right now, but hopefully, it will grow....

Chez Crepe Suzette:

            Really nice site....has a good deal of pictures, mainly stuff to use for building webpages.....nice site!


Popple's Playground:

            One of the largest Popple sites around...lots of stuff...


            Nice site, has the basic Popples, etc.

The Popples:

            Basic information on the popples, who did the cartoon voices, etc.


The Official X-Men Site:

            Official site of the X-Men movie.....

WB Kids-X-Men

            Official site of the X-Men cartoon.

X-Men Unlimited:

            Lots of stuff on the X-Men....


Spider Man Movie:

        The Official site for the upcoming Spider-Man movie.

         Really large Spiderman site

Marvel Entertainment

         Site of the comic book company that made Spider-Man.


The Entertainment Movie Database:

           Large site that tells you pretty much anything you want about any movie.  Is searchable.

            Another large generalized movie site. Tells when new movies are coming out, show times for movie theaters, etc.

            One last large movie database, also has information on specific actors and actresses.

Web Design:

AAA Buttons:

            Great site with free buttons also has a program within the site which allows you to add text to your buttons.

Wallpapers,  Free Backgrounds & More:

            One of the biggest galleries of backgrounds I've ever seen....the opening page in my opinion is a bit of an odd
            color choice, but other then that it's a great site for backgrounds.

Cool Archive:

            Lots of images, downloadable fonts, icons, clipart, animations, buttons....has a logo generator...etc. very very nice site.

More links will be added as I find them..........
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