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What's New

04/02/05- Finished By Book Dictionary in the dictionary section. Please take a look!

12/04/04- Added Message Board to home page.

08/23/04- Finished extensive update/corrections of the Character Dictionary! Add new way to search the Dictionary.

07/20/04- Finished update on Narnia & The Bible page.

06/29/04- Added poll to homepage. Please vote!

06/27/04- Started yet another Character Dictionary update.

05/13/04- Added News Feed from to bottom of homepage.

03/06/04- Added Battles of Narnia page.

02/15/04- Added link to my Forums for Aslan's Country.

02/08/04- Added Lands of Narnia page.

01/19/04- Added Meals of Narnia page.

01/18/04- Added an Aslan Quote of the Day to the home page.

08/26/03- Finished updating the entries for The Last Battle. Finally finished with the dictionary updates! Please check out the fully complete, and hopefully thourough, dictionary.

07/29/03- I finished updating the entries for The Silver Chair and even found some entries that I hadn't put in before. Better take a look.

06/21/03- Added section called "Other Books" which lists some other books by Lewis.

03/28/03- I have finished updating the entries for The Voyage Of The Dawn Treader. I clearly missed many terms and did poorly on the descriptions of most of the defenitions the first time I went through. But that is all changed! I have now added the missing entries and update the old ones. Please enjoy!

02/09/03- I have finished updating the entries for Prince Caspian. Sorry for the wait!

11/15/02- I have finished updating all the entries for the books The Magician's Nephew, The Lion, The Witch, And The Wardrobe, and The Horse And His Boy.

10/24/02- I have finished adding all the entries for the Character Dictionary!!! I still may find more entries to put in and I still need to update a lot more entries, but we're getting closer to done!

10/21/02- I have added a new page for a couple of Narnian sayings found in the book.

10/13/02- I have added a link to a page for fan art on the home page. Please send in some stuff for me to put on it!

09/27/02- I added some cool new effects to my site. Hope you like them!

09/02/02- Welcome to my new site! I have still to do the Fun and Games part, and some of the Dictionary, but I hope It'll be done soon.

08/18/02- You'll be happy to know I'm redoing the Character Dictionary to get longer descriptions and add characters I've overlooked. (Yes, I know it's hard to believe I'd miss something :-)) Notice: I will be doing the Dictionary over as I reread the books, so it shall be redone by book, and not alphabitical order.

07/30/02- Added new link, Narnia MUCK

07/26/02- Update various things on site.

05/29/02- Added more info to Allegory section.

05/27/02- Added info to Allegory section.

01/05/02- Narnian Index is finished!!!!!

01/04/02- Updated Narnian Index.

12/11/01- Added a link.

12/08/01- Updated main page.

11/24/01- Did allegory for The Last Battle.

10/26/01- Updated Narnian Index.

10/11/01- Updated Narnian Index.

10/09/01- Updated Narnian Index.

10/08/01- Updated Narnian Index.

10/05/01- Added club link.

09/30/01- Updated various things. Added allegory for The Horse And His Boy.

09/21/01- Add link to verse talking about a talking donkey in the Bible to the Narnia And The Bible page.

09/15/01- Created Interaction Area with quizes, polls, and message board.

09/10/01- Updated Narnian Index.

09/09/01- Updated Narnian Index.

09/06/01- Updated Narnian Index.

09/05/01- Updated Narnian Index.

09/04/01- Updated Narnian Index.

08/29/01- Did some updating. Annouced that I'm starting a Narnian Index to take place of my Narnian characters list.

08/27/01- Added more info to Narnia & The Bible page. Added link. Did some editing on the Chronicles page.

08/15/01- Updated front page. Made Webring page.

08/14/01- Updated Narnia & The Bible page.

08/13/01- Updated front page. Changed C.S. Lewis picture.

08/12/01- Created Timeline and What's New page. Added new links. Updated character pages.

08/10/01- Updated character pages.

08/09/01- Created About Me page and Narnia & The Bible page. Joined Narnia Web Ring.