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Meals of The Horse And His Boy

Tashbaan Meal-
This meal took place when Shasta was mistaken as Corin and brought Susan and Edmund's room. Shasta was the one who ate. The foods provided were Lobsters, salad, snipe stuffed with almonds and truffles, a complicated dish of chicken livers and rice and raisins and nuts, cool melons, gooseberry fools, mulberry fools, and white wine.

Dwarfs' House-
This was when Shasta was in Narnia and three dwarfs fed him. Shasta and the dwarfs ate. The foods were bacon, eggs, mushrooms, porridge, a jug of cream, coffee, hot milk, toast, and butter.

Lunch with King Lune-
This took place just before Rabadash became a donkey. The King and his boys and various others were at the meal. The meal consisted of cold birds, cold game pie, wine, bread, and cheese.