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Meals of The Lion, The Witch, And The Wardrobe

Tumnus' House-
This meal took place when Lucy first discovered Narnia and went to Tumnus' house. Attending this meal were Mr. Tumnus and Lucy. Foods were tea, lightly boiled and brown eggs, sardines on toast, buttered toast, toast with honey, and lastly, sugar-topped cake.

Beavers' Meal-
This meal happened when the Pevensies came to Mr. Beaver's house for the first time. Present were the Pevensies and Mr. and Mrs. Beaver. Foods included were trout, beer, potatoes, a jug of creamy milk, a lump of butter, sticky marmalade rolls, and tea.

Cave Meal-
This meal takes place in the secret hiding cave of the Beavers. Mr. and Mrs. Beaver and the Pevensies were at this meal. It was provided by Father Christmas and consisted of lump sugar, tea, ham sandwiches, and a jug of cream.