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Battles of Narnia

Here is listed the different larger battles that took place in the Chronicles of Narnia. Battles aren't the main focus of the books, but none-the-less they do occur in all the books except MN, VDT, and SC.

The Lion, The Witch, And The Wardrobe

First Battle Of Beruna (1000)-The only battle that takes place in this book. This battle is between the forces of Aslan and the forces of the White Witch. It was started when the Witch's forces came down to the valley where Aslan's forces were encamped. Battle insued and it is not known wether the Witch's forces had the upper-hand at first or not. They did, though, when Aslan and the freed statues returned to the valley. It could be seen that the valley was dotted with statues, implying that the Witch had used her wand. She was stopped, though, by Edmund who fought over to her position and broke her wand in two. Aslan gave a great roar when he came upon the battle, and pounced onto the Witch, killing her. The freed statues rushed into the valley and relieved Peter's forces who were exhausted. The Witch's forces, seeing their leader was dead, started to flee. Shortly after, the battle was over. Many were wounded, and Lucy's cordial had a good workout. Aslan went about and freed the new-made statues. The battle was then ended.

The Horse And His Boy

Fight At Anvard (1014)-This battle took place shortly after Shasta reached Narnia. It started when the Calormenes tried to launch a suprise attack on the people of Archenland to conquer the land. They were warned ahead of time by Shasta, though, and they got prepared for the attack. The two hundred Calormene horsemen were battering the gates of Anvard with a felled tree while the Archenlanders hailed arrows down on them. This was the scene when the Narnians arrived. There were many sorts of creatures that participated on the Narnian side such as Centaurs, Bears, Dogs, Dwarfs, and six Giants. There were also Narnian humans in the battle too, such as Lord Peridan, King Edmund, and Queen Lucy. These all started to march through the pass to Archenland. When they arrived in Archenland, the sun was drawing near the horizon and eagles were circling overhead. The lines were assembled as such: the Cats were on the left, the Giants on the right, and the archers to the rear. The assembly marched on. The Cats swept around in a circle and took the riderless horses down or scared them away. Only a hundred horses, half of Rabadash's original horses, were left to be ridden. The two lines met and the main part of the battle took place. After the Cats were done taking down the horses, they came up and attacked the Calormenes from the left. The Archenlanders sent out a sortie from their castle and attacked the rear of the Calormenes. Soon the Calormenes were only a small knot. Not long after, only a few individual skirmishes were going on. Then Edmund fought single-combat with Rabadash, causing Rabadash to get hung on a hook in the castle wall where he was left until the battle ended.

Prince Caspian

War Of Deliverance (2303)
Small Battles-The War of Deliverance contained many small battles. These battles all took place near Aslan's How after Caspian X's forces moved their headquarters there. The book says that "there was fighting on most days and sometimes by night as well; but Caspian's party had on the whole the worst of it." After a rainy day and cold night that seems to have been the worst day for the Old Narnians thus far, Caspian launched his biggest attack that he had as of yet. The plan was that Caspian and the Dwarfs were to, at daybreak, attack King Miraz's right and a little after the Centaurs, Wimbleweather, and "the most fiercest beasts" were to cut off the King's right from his army. Wimbleweather broke out at the wrong time, though, and it ended up costing Caspian's army a good deal while not doing much damage to Miraz's army.

The Second Battle of Beruna-The Second Battle of Beruna broke out after Miraz was killed by Glozelle. The whole of Miraz's forces rushed toward the Old Narnians and battle was begun. The Giant Wimbleweather started into Miraz's ranks and the Centaurs charged. There was also the sound of Narnian arrows in the air. Reepicheep and his mice set into the battle, stabbing the Telmarines in the feet with thier little needle-like swords. The battle did not last long because soon after all this happened, the Woods of Narnia, the wood people I should say, rushed towards Miraz's lines. The Telmarines threw their weapons in fear and fled towards the River. When they found no bridge, they surrendered. This ended the War of Deliverance.

The Last Battle

Battle At The Stable (2555)-This is the last battle that takes place in the world of Narnia. Not all of the Narnian Beasts were on the Narnian side when it came to the battle. On the Narnian side there was Farsight the Eagle, Tirian, Eustace, Jill, Poggin the Dwarf, Jewel the Unicorn, Puzzle the Donkey, fifteen Dogs, Mice, Moles, a Squirrel, a Boar, and a Bear. There were also twenty horses, but these were all shot down by the dwarfs who where fighting on no particular side. On the Calormene side there were fifteen Calormenes, including Rishda. There was also, sadly, Slinkey the Fox, a Bull, and Wraggle the Satyr. After the first onslaught, three Calormenes were dead, the Fox, the Bull, and Wraggle on the Calormene side, and three Dogs and the Bear on the Narnian side. The Calormenes regrouped while Tirian let out his next plan. Jill shot at the Calormenes while the main host of the Narnians advanced and Farsight dodged in and out of the Calormene lines. The attack worked well and the Narnians were winning until the Calormenes were reinforced by many more Calormenes. The Narnians fell back to the white rock, except for Eustace who was caught and thrown into the Stable, and rested while most of the Calormenes went to take on the Dwarfs that were shooting wildly at them. This was over soon and eleven bound Dwarfs were thrown into the Stable. Then the Calormenes with their spears closed in on the remaining Narnians. The Boar fell and Jill was thrown into the Stable. Tirian fought hard and took down many men, though he noticed he was drawing nearer to the Stable door. He then was in combat with Rishda himself. Tirian dropped his sword and grabbed Rishda by the belt and dragged him into the Stable along with himself. This ended the last battle of Narnia.