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Hello, and welcome to to woods. See the magesty of the ancient trees. Fell the warmth of the sunlight. Lie peacefully in the shade. Feel the life that surrounds you. And I finaly got around to putting some things up! Feel free to look around, I have pictures. I even have an mp3 up, although it's not that great quality and needs a few seconds cropped off the begining. Once I get some sorta basic sequencer I'll put up some duets too. (as in it's stuff i've recorded and i'm going to play duets with myself but the programs i've got at the moment don't do that sorta thing) This webage will have stuff like pictures of nature scenes (probably a lot from the smokey mountains) that I've taken, and some fantasy stuff (probably not too much in the way of sci-fi, but I'm not sure exactly what's going to end up on here) and um... peaceful stuff, mideaval themed stuff, Tolkien stuff. My other site (darkside/lothlorien) is, as the name implies, not primariy concerned with the beauty of nature and peaceful stuff. It's also got more personal info about me. The fractals site is also mine. Fractals are pretty pictures made from mathematical equations. Ilyia


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