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Lesser Jerboas

This the most charming and unique exotic rodent species I have ever kept.

General Care

I keep my pair in 75gal wide aquarium (4'l x 3'w x 3'h)with screen lid which is the minimal sized housing 2 individuals require. I provide them with tubes, hanging toys, a parrot nestbox and chinchilla dust bath to keep themselves busy. The bedding I use is aspen, which is low on dust on easy on the respiratory tract.

The dietary needs of jerboas are quite easy to meet. I feed mine a premium quality rodent seed mix as the standard of their diet mixed in with parakeet seed. I also give them a small quantity of soft insectivore pellet once in a while. I find they will also nibble on rodent blocks so always have a couple available for them. Timothy hay and full millet sprays are other favorites. Twice a week they get some fresh veggies, usually carrot, apple, cucumber, romaine lettuce or broccoli. They get all the water they need from the fresh vegetables and do not require a standing water source.