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Shielding is used to block unwanted attacks or energy from reaching you and your subtle body. It is a useful thing to know incase you are confronted by other aware people and attacked, want to block empathy or telepathy, cloak yourself from those around you or any other number of reasons. There are a wide variety of shields to use, and really your imagination is the limit. You can create and use anything you want to shield yourself. A shield is just basically energy surrounding you and programmed to do and look as you please it too. You can use your own energy for shielding or can channel energy from any source to power it for you, such as elemental, divine, gods or goddesses. It is a good way to develop will power and focus.
The shields are listed here from easiest to hardest to create.

The basic to any shielding is the boundary or bubble shield. It is just a basic bubble surrounding your entire body. You can visualize it as any colour but the most common colour is white.

The mirror shield is like the bubble shield only using reflective energy. Start by making a bubble shield and imagine the outside of it as a mirror. This will reflect any energy sent at you back at the person who sent it.

The warped mirror shield is a variation on the mirror shield. Start by creating a mirror shield, but instead of making it a regular mirror, create it like a fun house mirror. This makes it so that energy sent to you will be reflected back but won't necessarily be reflected straight back as a regular mirror shield would do.

The fire shield is made by making the basic boundary shield engulfed in flames. You can picture it as any colour, hot or cold. This shield eats up any energy directed at you. It is a hard shield to maintain because it takes a lot of energy.

Absorption shield is once again started with a basic boundary shield and programming it to absorb any energy directed at you. The energy can then be used to fuel the shield or can be drained into you. These can be made to absorb attacks or certain kinds of energy from around you. They can be passive, defensive or aggressive.

Transference shields are like an absorption shield with a twist. Instead of just absorbing the energy and fueling the shield or yourself, this shield absorbs the energy and throws it back out at whichever target you choose.

Tips for Shielding:

1. Always make sure that your shield covers your entire body. Make sure that it extends above your head, below your feet and too every side including your back. Attacks can be made on any part of your subtle body.

2. Donít make your shields to far away from your body. It is good to make a shield within about a foot from your body. If you make it too big anyone who comes close to you will be through your shield which makes you vulnerable to their attacks.

3. Use your willpower. Everything comes down to how strong your willpower is. If the person attacking you has a stronger will they can take your shields down without any energy usage. Focus on your shield and never see it waver or fall.

4. If you are being attacked, use layers of shielding. You can create shields on top of shields, that way when one is broken through the other is there to protect you.

5. Don't attack other people. Shielding is meant to be used in defense, not offense.

6. Make sure your shields are not egg-shaped. If they are one can apply pressure to the top of your shield and give you a bad headache.

7. It is helpful to link your body to your shields using tendrils of energy. Commonly links are made from your charkas but they can be made from any spot on your body. If part of your shield is hit where a tendril is it will allow you too feel it easier and they can also absorb the energy if you are using an absorption shield.

Basic Colours for Shielding.

Colour meanings are dependant upon a person view of what the colours mean. It can be different for everybody, but for those who donít already have a colour system on their own I will list what they mean too me. Keep in mind that there is no right or wrong and its good to go with what feels right too you.

Red : Intense emotions such as love, anger, passion, fire

Blue : Water, protection, soothing.

Yellow : Healing, friendship, sunlight

Green : Earth

Black : protection, masking energy

White : divine energy, healing, purity, air

Purple : psychic/ESP, strength

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