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Vampires can have many different purposes. It really depends on the person and also if they are otherkin. From what I have experienced generally vampires are teachers of the subtle realities of life. Due to ambient feeding and direct feeding they can help others awaken around them. This is something that can help determine if one is a vampire because they will lose energy and start feeding more apparently then before (in some cases). They can be teachers of energy, kin, past lives and many other things. Seeing as they are more aware of energy then the majority of the population they can help others develop psionic skills. VampKin on the other hand may have slightly different purposes in their life depending on what kin they are. Whether itís just a gateway to different beings and realities in life or helping one realize their own kin-ness. The impact that kin and vamps have are not limited to those who share their natures, they can influence any person who is unaware of such things and even those who are aware but just need some guidance. Keeping that in mind it is good to not just choose one person to help guide you, there are many different opinions out there on everything in life, so keeping an open mind and searching for different opinions to formulate your own is a good idea.