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Otherkin are, the way that I see and feel it, those who feel that they are a non-human soul incarnated into a human body. The easiest way to label themselves and have people understand how they feel is to pick the closest related creature to describe themselves. The most common ones are elves, fae, dragons and furries. Furries or were(wolf, panther etc) are basically the soul of an animal who have incarnated into a human body. They can be cats, wolves, dogs etc. Often one realizes or awakens to this by starting to remember past lives and also a strong connection to a mythical (or non-mythical) creature. A lot of people seem to misunderstand otherkin because of their labels of mythical creatures, most people donít realize that labels are often assigned to a person because that is what is closest to how they feel and isnt necessarily exactly what they are.

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