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Common Myths

Vampirism today, is nothing like vampirism of mythology. Although there are some similarities, they are really unrelated besides sharing a common term.


We do not turn to ash in the sunlight, although many vampires are very photosensitive.

We cannot fly

We cannot turn into bats

We do not kill people for their blood; some vampires do drink blood, only in small amounts and from a willing donor.

We donít sleep in coffins, beds do just nicely

We are not all goth, although a large part of the vampire community does enjoy the gothic lifestyle, it is not a prerequisite.

We are not repelled by a crucifix. In fact they are quite lovely.

Holy water does not burn us anymore then it does anyone else.

We are not repelled by garlic.

We do not have fangs.

Anyone would be killed if a stake was driven through their heart.

We are not physically immortal.


We work with energy.

We, for some reason or another, need energy from sources outside of ourselves.

We do not harm people; we take energy only from willing donors.

We are here to help others, to awaken people, and to teach.

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