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Psionics and Otherkin Links
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Concili Lamia Cognalis

Thursday, 26 August 2004

I dont really like doing this but I feel its neccessary.

Ive come across a group House of Annunaki ( and I have spoken with the "elder" of this group several times.
I dont like drama or bashing so..
Basically the leader of this house is very power hungry and very arrogant. They are not open to ideas, they believe that they know everything, and when they get stuck they start flaming people.

I just want to warn people to beware of groups that try and belittle you, so they can control you.

Its come to my attention that they are atm trying to get their house members to pay for their leader to keep his appartment. Make wise decisions when giving your money to people, especially people so ignorant and arrogant. Dont be naive and let someone use you.

Sorry if I offend anyone. I just dont want to see anyone being taken advantage of.

Posted by realm2/lamia at 11:49 PM MDT
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Saturday, 21 August 2004

more and more..
I added a bunch of stuff to the Houses and Covens page. I didnt include a whole mess of organizations but the ones that I did include are something to look at. :)

Posted by realm2/lamia at 8:37 PM MDT
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Monday, 16 August 2004

alright so its been a while..
but i am slowly adding stuff on

I have added quite a bit to the reincarnation page and am currently working on the empty pages in the vampires section..

ive also added a few links ;)

Posted by realm2/lamia at 5:06 PM MDT
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Saturday, 13 March 2004

I have added more to the reincarnation page, there is now quite a bit about the Hindu views of reincarnation.

I have also added a bit to the purpose of vampires and kin on earth.

Also a bit on otherkin.

Bear with me while I add more to the page in the next few weeks.

Posted by realm2/lamia at 6:25 PM MST
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Site Blog
This will be a place that I put news and updates on. I am also going to create a message board aswell. If you wish to make any suggestions or comments for the site please leave them here. Keep in mind that all comments are moderated. So dont be stupid.

Posted by realm2/lamia at 6:09 PM MST
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