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House and Covens

Houses and covens can be a great way to connect with other vampires to learn and share ideas. But you have to be careful because some are out there to control and manipulate you. Beware of any site or person that tells you that they are right, they are the only ones that can teach you and that everyone else is wrong. There are some that are power hungry and wish to control people. Make sure that if you are interested in joining an organization that you read their website thoroughly (if they have one) and that you talk to some of the people that belong to it including some of the founders/higher members. See what their opinions of things are. Make sure that they are open-minded and do not have a bad temper. Remember that there are a lot of opinions out there and that it is good to keep an open mind. Also beware of any organization that holds hierarchies as a way to dominate people. Itís ok for some hierarchy to exist if it is a means to separate teachers from students, but itís not ok for some people to have all the say and power while looking down upon the lower ranks. Also watch out for anyone who claims that they can teach you supernatural powers or grant you immortality. I will list some of the houses and organizations that I know hold some value.

House Quinotaur

Home Page
I personally belong to House Quinotaur and know several of the members and co-founders. It is a very open-minded house with the general purpose of teaching and sharing ideas. There is a hierarchy that is based on oneís own achievements and abilities. The house also has members from just about every continent. It also hosts a public forum/yahoo group for discussion on things pertaining to vampires, psionics and other metaphysical things. House Quinotaur yahoo group

House Kheperu

Home Page
I have had the privilege of meeting quite a few of the members of House Kheperu at various kin gathers and events. I have a high respect for the members and also the information on the website. They also have a yahoo group and a forum for posting ideas. House Kheperu yahoo group

Sanctum of Elorath

Home Page
The Sanctum of Elorath is a site for the Order of the Strigoii vii. The Strigoii vii means living vampire and was started by Goddess Rosemary of House Sahjaza and Father Todd of the former Sanguinarium. Unfortunately to be able to access the site you have to own a copy of V or The Psychic Vampire Codex by Michelle Belanger. This is too weed out the wannabes of the community but unfortunately also shuts out those under 18 and those who may not be able to buy the books. But if you meet the requirements it is definantly a place to check out.

Bloodlines International

Home Page
This is a group I donít know a whole lot about. But I do know that they have quite a few members with chapters around the world. Unfortunately the site doesnít seem to have a whole lot of information on it. But they also have a yahoo group. I belonged to the group for a short while before I decided that there wasnít enough discussion going on for my liking. That was some time ago, so feel free to check it out.

Temple of the Vampire

Home Page
A fairly well known organization. The only difference is that they practice vampirism as a religion rather then a condition. They do have some interesting information on the site if you are interested in finding out different views of vampirism as a religion.

Order of the Crimsons Tongues

Home Page
An organization dedicated to preserving free speech within the vampire community. The site is kind of confusing and is really busy but there are links to their yahoo group, of which I belonged to for a while. Some interesting discussion happened there but unfortunately was intermingled with fluff and flaming. Hopefully they have rid themselves of this problem. OCT yahoo group

Vampire Church

Home Page
The Vampire Church has a wealth of information on their site. There are quite a few pop ups on the site as well as when you click on a link it takes you halfway down the page of what you are trying to view (maybe it was just me). But it is definantly a place worth checking out.

House Sekhemu

Home Page
House Sekhemu has some interesting information that mostly pertains to the House itself. It is a house that follows a philosophy and course of life. It is quite an interesting read for those who are seeking information of various houses and paths to life.

If you want to find more houses then I have listed here you can check out more at the House Quinotaur website as well as searching any of the link pages on the sites listed. There is also a wealth of information at It isnít a house or coven but it does contain a lot of helpful and interesting information.

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