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Constructs are used to send energy to do as you program it to do. It's different from magick because you are creating an actual being out of energy rather then leaving it in a simpler form. Constructs are basically building and programming energy. Constructs if fed too much energy can become sentient. So always keep an eye on your constructs once they are made.

How To Build A Construct:

1. Start by deciding what you want to make a construct for. Give it a purpose and be specific. If you arenít specific in its purpose then it can wander or affect things how you donít want them to affect them.

2. Name your construct. One way to name it is to write your purpose down and use the first letter of each word to form a name. Or you can simply pick a name.

3. Create a sigil using the name you've created. Take the letters of the name and omit any duplicates. Then fit the letters together to form a sort of picture.

4. If possible create a model of what you want your construct to look like. Use plastacine or clay or any other material available. You can also use a picture of what you want your construct to look like. It's basically just to give you a visual tool too work with.

5. Now concentrate on making an energy form of your construct. Picture how it looks and focus on your model if you have one. You can also start by making a simple psi ball and then molding the energy.

6. Concentrate on the name you've given it. Acknowledge it.

7. Concentrate on its purpose. Picture it doing its purpose and remember to be specific. You can also give your construct a life span. So that at the end of the given time period it will dissipate or be reabsorbed back into you. This way you donít have to keep a close watch on it or worry about it not performing its purpose.

8. If you wish you can tied your construct to an object, either as a way to keep an eye on it and have a way to pull it back to you or to feed it energy. Things like quartz crystals work well for this.

9. When you feel confident that it is there and it knows its purpose send it out to do its purpose. Remember to think of your construct often and feed it energy. If you don't look after your constructs they will dissipate or run away on you.

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