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Physical Conditions

There are many different physical conditions that a vampire can have. It really depends on if the subtle body is altered, damaged or blocked. Blocks occur in the energy system due to emotions, purposely holding things back, societal beliefs or any number of things. Keep in mind that the things I list here are not a be all and end all to vampireís ailments. Not all vampires experience the same things.

Some of the more common physical ailments for vampires are:

Photosensitivity, many vampires are prone to migraines, loss of energy and bad sunburns when out in the sun. It is in my belief that this is because the sun has a very strong and encompassing energy. It causes a lot of vampires to feel very drained and tired, it is often hard to find a way to be out in the sun for long periods of time without feeling some ill effect of the sunís energy.

IBS and other Gastro-Intestinal Disorders; IBS is fairly common amongst vampires. I am not exactly sure why this is but many seem to have a hard time digesting very fatty, not-so-good for you foods. Along with this there are a large number that I have encountered that have quite a few food allergies. Personally this tends to occur when oneís energy is low, although it is not restricted to that.

Mood Disorders There are quite a few vampires with depression, Bi-Polar and other mood disorders. Iím not exactly sure why but also have noticed that personally this tends to take affect with the consumption of energy, i.e. depression with lack of energy and mania-like symptoms with an excess of energy or when a large amount of energy is obtained after a considerable lack of energy.

Symtpoms from Lack of Energy

When a vampire is low on energy they can experience a myriad of effects. Lethargy, inability to focus or remember things, problems digesting food, lack of appetite or an overwhelming appetite that food cannot help, grumpiness, migraines, lack of motivation, emotional instability, heightened sensitivity to light and sound (yes it can get worse then it already is), shakiness, fever and the list goes on.