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Welcome! This is all of my Neopets art.. ^_^

Please note I only do anthro forms of neopets... I can do petpets/petpetpets pretty good tho.. o.o

My neopets account, of course, is carrie_menelkir

Faerie Lupe Design


P_Toka and Rune(Demon_Aisha_2000)

Done for a contest to design a split female Aisha.

Won in the top 3. (I dunno if it was first or second.)

My Zafara, Ikoteku, calling me a loser because only two people entered my contest.. X3 *Her hair really is like this irl, and she has a major fetish for guys in makeup.*

For a Cybunny contest.

Placing: None ._.

For a Bee Aisha contest.. :3 I really like it! If I don't win, I think I might use the design for myself.

Placing: Unknown.. I don't think the owner ever judged them.

Just a Snowickle and his petpetpet... ^-^

For an anthro contest.. *really hopes to win, but has no chance x_x*

Placing: None.. *sigh*

For a contest to draw this guy.. he's so cool! XD

Contest placing: ???

A request for the winner of one of my contests.

Just something someone requested from mee..


Commissions: They are illegal, and I don't want my account frozen..

No requests, I will think about art trades. ^-^ If I catch you using my art anywhere (without permission.. aka STEAL it.).. I'll get a lawyer on yo ass >=\