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How To?


fix Barbie's frizzy hair and get a

great looking doll.

You will need:                                                                                       

a nice Barbie (of course)                                                             comb Barbie's hair really good comb                                                                                               and tie it into a ponytail
thread or piece of elastic for the ponytail                               cut the remainder of the thread real short
straws, cut in 1" pieces for rollers                                            Now get Barbies ponytail really good wet
little scraps of paper towel                                                        it is easier to handle that way.
pins to hold the rollers

Take a strand (not too thick, it takes too long                         This is the finished roller - job
to dry. Put a scrap of papertowel around the
tips, so they don't fly away. Take one of your
straw rollrs and roll it up real tight. Hold in
place with a pin through the straw into Barbie's
head. Ouch!!

now another part Barbie might not like.
Bring water to a boil.
Enough to submerge Barbie's whole
hairdo, not the head.
Keep in there for 10 to 15 seconds
Hold under cold water for a few seconds
toweldry, so it doesn't drip anymore
Now this is the really boring part.
Put Barbie down to do some pushups while she is waiting
for her hair to dry.
Don't be impatient - let it dry!!
Might take a day and a night, Barbie's hair is stubborn.


        After it is really dry take out the rollers.                         And here is your newborn Beauty!!!
        In this case I did not comb or brush the hair
        I only stretched the curls like sausagecurls.