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Great Southern Land



Lyrics by Barbara Tipper

Music by Ng Wah Lok

All rights reserved © 2002.

Messiah King

(Featuring Peter Ng Yee Ming, from demo CD "Messiah King")

(Long Play, featuring Percy Caranto, from album "Favoured Chick")

  Encore sheet music, arrangement by Timothy Lee.



A     E/G#  F#m              D             D/E          A

Messiah King ,      I embrace Your sovereign reign

        E/G#   F#m      D       D/E        A

Hallelujahs sing, In awe unto Your name

       E        F#m      E                  D 

On eagle’s wings, I soar in Your domain

     A/C#                        Bm7

So vast Your kingdom’s reign

      E        A

Messiah King



The foretold one, Lowly in a manger laid

Carpenter’s son, What an awesome price You paid

A victory won, You healed the blind and lame

You died my sins to claim

Messiah King



A           E         D       D/E  E

Reign in me Redeemer

A            E         D     D/E   E

Reign in me Messiah

A            E       D     

Reign in me forever

        E      A

Messiah King



Royal Messiah, on earth Your kingdom raise

I lift You higher, exalt you on my praise

As you inspire me through all my days

To walk within Your ways

Messiah King




Great Southern Land



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