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Great Southern Land



Lyrics by Barbara Tipper Music by Ng Wah Lok

All rights reserved © 2003.



I implicitly trust You


This song was composed in the wake of various traumas, including the terror attack in New York, drought in Australia, conflict between the Koreas, threat of war in Iraq, and a fatal accident in Canberra on 10 February 2003 in which a 22 year old father lost his 22 year-old pregnant wife but their 7-weeks premature baby girl was safely delivered and their 10mth old boy also survived. (Sadly the baby girl died 8 days later.)


  Recording featuring Alma Caranto from the album Favoured Chick.

Encore sheet music for the melody.


Verse 1

D                     G                            A   G  A

Some nations rise, some nations fall

D                      G                           A   G  A

They build a bridge, they build a wall

      Bm A  G         Em               A

But over all,       You’re in control

D             G                      A       G  A

Threat of war, rallies for peace

D                  G                    A         G   A

A miracle birth, yet one deceased

     Bm  A G   A                  D

But over all, You are the Lord




D  Em          D/F#  G  

I    implicitly trust You

D   Em           D/F#   G

I     implicitly trust You

                      D/F#            G

Though the heavens fall apart

            D           A/C#        Bm

Circumstances break my heart

Em      A              D

I          implicitly trust You


Verse 2

Towers rise to touch the sky

While others fall and we ask why

But over all, You reign on high

No answers to some questions asked

Emotions hide behind a mask

But over all, You hold the truth


Repeat chorus


Great Southern Land



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