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Monday, August 2, 2004


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Sunday, July 11, 2004

"No shirt no shoes no you walk in without pants and you shout 'service me!'? Cause that's dirty..."
i'm kinda sick of same old routine. Get up 8:45am, dink around on internet until 9:50am before remembering, ah yes, must get ready for work. Arrive at work at 10:16am, prepare, open the museum, sit for 6.5hrs, close up, go home, turn on computer, login to MSNmessenger, check non-existant new email in inbox, check site stats, check for nonexistant new comments (raea, Jess, Jeff, TL, Chris where are you?), look for alternate free web host with ftp access sans ads (burn angelfire burn), look if anyone has logged in (you'd think with nearly a hundred contacts someone would be online...or else i'm the only person i know who has no life). Eat when dad makes supper, more internet, watch tv, internet, sleep (sleepless sleep because by the time the room cools down enough to be comfortable the birds have started singing. and the birds aren't pretty singers either, there's this one that always seems to insist on sitting outside my window, whether i'm at dad's or mom's or school, and sings like a dying donkey). and the cycle starts all over again. Unfortunately just imagine how when i'm at mom's (90% of the time), i have no internet so all that time i would be on the internet i'm sitting around wishing i had internet. It's a sad life i lead. Tuesday's are lovely though, day off, organise outings with friends, go visit friends who no longer live close (grrr, raea, cough cough), and just generally get all my activity for that week out of my system. Now, i think i'll try to put a little break in the routine by trying to clean my room (probbly i will just watch tv).

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Friday, July 09, 2004

"We at the FBI don't have a sense of humour we're aware of"
I hate not being a good sympathizer. I never know what to say to someone other than "are you ok?", "do you want to talk about it?". Anyway that sort of situation came up, and i tried to be sympathetic, and i certainly wanted to confort the personne, but i can never think of anything comforting. The best i could come up with was offering to beat up the offending body. Sometimes i wish i was more fluent with words, but i've always had a problem with small talk and sympathy talk. I don't like saying things unless I mean it and while you may well mean (like i did in this situation) i really did mean "Are you ok?" and "do you want to talk about it?" no one believes it when you say it because it's the expected response. So what are you supposed to say in a situation like that eh? Shit, anyway, i hope the guy feels better anyway, at least he had someone (even if not a helpful someone) to talk to. We shall see.
So had a busy day at the museum yesterday. 13 whole people came in. Oooh ahhh. It wasless busy today, with 4. but that can be expected during a thunder and lightening storm. I gotta say nothing is freakier than being alone in an old church converted military museum while the thunder rumbles, vibrating the walls and the dim lights flicker on and off. It's even worse when you're one of those people who is petrified of lightening storms. sigh, how i love my job.

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Sunday, July 04, 2004

":et it go, let it all fall and smash around you asa the lightfades away"
an American's guid to Canadians funny stuff, and i never knew i never knew the things you poor American's live without. No Ketchup chips? No Shreddies? No Screech? Lol, actually it's probably a good thing you have no screech since i think only fish kissing Newfies can stomach the stuff without going blind off a tablesspoon. I've heard horror stries about said alcoholic beverage. Don't really care to try it either. I think i'll just stick to Labatt and Bacardis.
On anotherother note, i have the place to myself all week. Sweet deal, i'll probably occupy myself cleaning and baking - oh yeah, Ginny the party animal. Strange, i'm usually such a tomboy slob, but as soon as i'm alone that whole housewife thing comes out of me...a little scarey...i hiope that's not in my future anyplace.
Also, seem to be getting very bored/tired/depressed. Must be some sort of post-socialising depression thing where i had friends for 5 weeks and will probably never see any of them again. Plus the fact that i'm alone all day at work with nothing better to do than think i can't help remembering all the fun that's gone. How sad. And now i'm alone for a week with no one but myself for company, and that's not too interesting since i've had myself for company for 20yrs. Bah. thinking about setting up a live journal account. Easier than blogger perhaps, no stupid pop=ups. Whaddya think?

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Saturday, July 03, 2004

"Tu es un tigre au lit"
Hmmm, well nothing much to update. got my first paycheck in the montant of 520$, not bad. Makes me want to continue working...sort of.
Have also started the first excersixe/healthy eating plan of my entire life. Feleling, well, healthy and broken. Can't move most of my legs without spasming pain ( i bike to work and back as hard and fast as i can on hardest gear everyday and on my day off i run until i feel i may vomit, walk some more and run home) I don't know why i'm doing this to myself. Can anyone else answer me that? No, i thought not. Oh welll.
I realise i have nothing of interest to write so i just will be done now.

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Monday, June 28, 2004

"I'm feeling grief. I can't control it. I wish to do more violence."
Has anyone been watchin CNN lately and the news in Iraq? About the gi's that are being kidnapped, held hostage and beheaded with knives until Iraqui prisonners are released? I'm fucking disgusted and horrified here. That's awful. I can't even think stragiht enough to post this blog properly. Holy fuck though, who does that? And now i was just watching it and they showed a video of a guy being held hostage right now, and who's the next victim if iraquis aren't released, and i'm just sitting here thinking wow, i'm looking at a dead man because really i don't think he has a chance because if Bush hasn't released people yet, he's not going to start with this buddy. That's gross.
Anyway, i'll be disappearing again since i'm going back to mom's. There may or may not be scattered posts throughout the next 2 weeks. and the page won't be being updated. but it still stands that if you have any neat little coding ideas please send 'em to me.

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Sunday, June 27, 2004

"Try not to die. You are not unpleasant to my eyes"
Wow, you would never believe who i ran into at the bustling social meeting place that is Value foods. It seems every time i go to this particular grocery store i see someone i haven't seen for awhile. This time it was Darrick. An old friend, and ex. I was totally surprised, didn't even recognize him when he came in. He gave me a bug hug and practically lifted me off the ground. We talked for about a minute but i had to leave case dad was waiting in the car. but wow, i love running into people out of the blue like that. Yay. Also he has this wicked tatoo of a dragon on his forearm which i totally think is cool.
Other than that today was eventless, 8 people came into the museum. 2 were french, i was surprised how after being home only a week i have totally forgotten french already. I managed to converse though...i think...i rather noted them trying to hold back giggles. Oh well.
Edit: As you can see the blog template has changed. To view it in it's goodness don't use the angelfire address (oooh angelfire pisses me off, i seems like there's 3 pop-up ads now. I wish they'd die! ahem)click and i will eventually do something else with it. I rather dwespise it. It's exactly the same template as before. It seems all creativity left me this year and i've lost any understanding i may once have had of html and css, oh well.iif anyone can figure out a way that i can use the basic idea i have here, but eliminate the excess pages (ie seperate pages opens for links, cam, writings etc) please please please email me a code at I will love you forever. also, i want to eliminate the scroll bar at top left, and instead have the links across the top. However the background image covers them up. Any ideas why that might be? So yeah, once again love you forever if youcan orovide some aid. thank you.

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Friday, June 25, 2004

"George a du respect pour la biere et le pizza"
well, I'm home and it's been ahwil since i posted. And i don't really seem to care too much either. I think being off the internet for 5 weeks kinda curbed my addiction a bit, but here they are ina nutshell. I met a ton of new people, made friends with people i never thought i'd make friends with. I was social and not a pathetic little hermit...although still rather shy i think...i partied hearty, twisted both knees and shoulders, (yay judo fun!), and caught a cold that i'm still coping with. Then earlier this week i went out to my cabin with some friends and ended up swimming the witdh of the lake, and this is no small lake mind you, it took the 3 of us 1hr to get to the otherside, and that's not exactly a 1 way trip. Luckily for the other 2 (cause i was surprisingly not tired at all) we found a warf washed up aginst the shore and we paddlede that back to my side of the lake. Real iteresting. For the rest i've just been working and no one has been coming to the museum where i work so i'm just mostly nbored. Yay!
On another not, i'm thinking of compleely redesigning the entire website and layout, had this template way too long. Any ideas?

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Monday, May 17, 2004

now that i have you're attention, I thought I'd just maybe post about the fact that `'m locked out of my room. Yes, i lost my keys yesterday, only hours after getting them. how sad is that? So I'm locked out of my room, i can'T find any animateurs to let me in, and my roomate's not there. So yeah, i'm homeless for awhile.
But otherwise my return to St.Anne's has been alright. I'm being tons more social than before, which is nice. Met a lot of new people. Just happen to be locked out is all.
My roomate's not a psycho, she's rather nice actually. Louisianian. Thick accent.
And this is the end of my blogging career for the 5 weeks i'm here (we're not allowed on english website's in the spring immersion session)but i'll post when I'm home in June. I know my unfatihful visiters won't be sad that I'm gone, but have fun anyway. Ayez un bon moi!

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Saturday, May 15, 2004

Boobs are my only weapon in this terrible world, and yet even here i fail"
Hmm, blogger has changed it's'a little confusing...i['m not sure it works...i think i liked it better before...but i imagine i'll adapt...I don't seem to be getting much for hits lately...actually, check that, i'm getting hits but no comments, please rectify that problem eh?
So i go back to school for l'immersion de printemps tomorrow, sad, how sad. Sigh. I was just getting so nice and bored too...

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Wednesday, May 05, 2004

"Bye! Au revoir! Auf Wiedersehen! Ciao!"
This will be the last post for a loooong time i imagine, as i am leaving the world of internet for about 2 weeks...i don't know what will happen in that time, but chances are i probably will forget to forewarned?
Good bye all.

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Friday, April 30, 2004

"I pulled a Ginny"
Def: A Ginny:
1} the vocalization of any irrelavant observation which may or may not be faulty. ie: "Hey! There's Sarah! No wait, that's just some guy with a moustache."
2} The inadvertant initiation of or involvement with any foolish, dim-witted, or otherwise unsmart activity. ie: driving at night without headlights.

My life is reduced to baking and cleaning...i am really that bored. At least i didn't burn this batch, which means i am improving. Maybe tomorrow the produce will even be edible. woah. But really i think i'm doing well for someone who has never cooked unsupervised before in her life.

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Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Me: "I'd like to see a carnivorous tree"
Raea: "My god you're random"

went shopping yesterday, goy new pantsand hair dye. I'll be retrying the blue-black hair again, only with a different brand this time. Who'd have known that l'Oreal wouldn't stick? Anyway, so me and Raea will be dying eachothers hair and hopefully that woorks out well. Hmm, this is an awfully boring post...maybe it would be best if i just stopped now.
Which Japanese word are you?
by gokumew2
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You are:Baka (stupid)
Created with the ORIGINAL MemeGen!

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Thursday, April 22, 2004

"Yes I've gone where no man has gone before! (but it was in Mexico and her father said it was ok)"
It's thundering and lighteninging...i'm scared....waaaaaaaaaah

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Wednesday, April 21, 2004

"become an evil overlord yet? No? And I was looking forward to living under your oppressive rule"
well i spent 2+1/2hrs cleaning my room, without pause, and do you know what the result is? My room is more cluttered and messy than ever before. How is that possible? Arg. Well I'm going to go for a walk to the Falls, and then maybe I'll tackle it some more.

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Monday, April 19, 2004

"I will not tell my Legions of Terror 'And he must be taken alive!' The command will be 'And try to take him alive if it is reasonably practical.' "
Hehehehehe...or should i say, Muaaa haaa haaa haaaa haaaaaaaaaaa (though it is contrary to rule #20
Peter's Evil Overlord List

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