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Here is a list of the maps featured
in "Project Blizzard"

AS MapsCS MapsDE MapsOther Maps
 cs_snowbaseb2de_russia_beta1 ka_winter

The maps in bold are now "in" for the pack.
The maps crossed out are now "out" for the pack.

Download the Blizzard Mappack here! (30.4 Mb)

From Expert Gamers (V2 Updated)



From Counter-Strike Center

From Fileplanet

From CS Central

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February 11 2002, Movie Mayhem is online... By Daark Angel

It's been a while since the last update but this one is a major update though not CS related. If you like movies, I've got just the thing for you. Movie Mayhem, my new movie news, reviews, DVD's and trailers site. You can get there by clicking here. Be sure to bookmark it and tell your friends about it! It'll be updated at least three times a week and will grow with lots of stuff week after week.

Concerning CS, I've updated some of the links on this page to get the Blizzard Pack, if anyone's still interested. Some were broken and I've also gotten rid of the models pack; the downloads were affecting my bandwith too much. That's all, I hope you have fun with the movie site and that you'll visit my regular CS site, which can be found in the Links section. I'll have info on when CS 1.4 and PODBot 3.0 will be released soon.
Daark Angel over and out!

December 22nd 2001, Happy Holidays to all... By Daark Angel

Well, I'm happy with the results of the Project; the Blizzard Pack has been downloaded approximately over 3000 times, and maybe a lot more from sites that host it and which I'm not aware of. What I do know is that it's on eight different sites to download from plus two others which I won't mention because they didn't distibute the pack in its original form, modifying its contents, therefore not respecting the Readme I'd included. Anyhow, that always happens when you release something on the web! The feedback has been great and there's many servers running the pack or some of its maps and a lot of people playing it.

I'd also like to take this opportunity to wish all of you out there Happy Holidays and a safe trip into the New Year 2002. May you be healthy, in love and successful in anything you'll undertake in the new year. This will be the last update for this site, I am moving on to the Tim Burton Project now. I'll post about it once it is ready to give you the URL to the site. If you wanna know more about it or the CS online comic book, head over to the Projects section. I leave you with this, may 2002 be the best year of all!
Daark Angel over and out!

December 9th 2001, Blizzard Pack is updated... By Daark Angel

The Blizzard Pack has now been updated because of the issue with cs_snowflake (you can read about it in yesterday's news post below). It also includes the mapcycle now. So far, my site and Roger_Moore's site have the updated version, McBain's site will update it shortly. To make sure which version you got, read the read me, it's all there. If you get it from anywhere else, just download the cs_snowflake V.1.1 map above and you'll get the updated map and wpt. There's no telling if the other sites will update the pack, after all, those are pretty big ones. I'm happy just having the pack hosted by them! I'd like to thank them: cs-maps, Counter-Strike Center and Fileplanet. The pack is also featured on PHL in the CS section, linking to Fileplanet. Check it out here. I leave you with this, I hope you enjoy this pack and that it will pop up on many servers as we're getting closer to Christmas.
Daark Angel out!

December 8th 2001, Arctic models and cs_snowflake v1.1 By Daark Angel

Alright, Roger_Moore has the Blizzard Pack up for download on his site, so there's now four sites where you can get this little gem :) However, it has come to my attention that X-Tender has released version 1.1 of cs_snowflake. In the Blizzard Pack, you get version 1. That version was causing a lot of extraction and precaching problems to quite a few people, especially people using Windows XP. V.1.1 fixes that and other bugs, also adds new paths and makes it easier to know where you're at in the map. Since nothing inside the zip has changed except the *.bsp (map itself) and the maptext which specifies that it is version 1.1 (final version), you shouldn't worry about overwriting your old version 1 files. The problem is the map's name hasn't changed. It's still called cs_snowflake and not cs_snowflake_v11 for example. This will cause a lot of problems on servers since you might try to join and you'll get a "your map differs from server's" message. We have been spreading version 1 quite a bit. But if you simply downloaded the map from my maps page after DEC. 1st, you have version 1.1 as the link for the map has remained the same from one version to another, the maps have just been switched. It's an external link so I didn't notice this and when I compiled the pack, I took the version we had tested which was version 1. Whew! Now V.1.1 comes with the updated wpt, so just unzip it to your HL folder and everything should be fine. I've updated my wpts section to reflect that too; you'll DL the wpt for V.1.1.

I have notified McBain and Roger_Moore about this and they should soon be doing something to correct this. What I'm doing is putting up a link to download cs_snowflake version 1.1. So once you've downloaded the pack, you need to DL version 1.1 if you want everything up to date. I know it's a hassle and I apologize for this, but it's the only way to rectify this for the moment. Think of it as a patch for the pack! Eventually, when things slow down a bit, I'll take off the present pack and upload the up to date one also including the mapcycle. Right now I can't do this because I only have about 2 Megs left on my server!! I would need to delete the pack and upload the new one. I'm not sure if the other guys would be able to do that either. But believe me, it's worth it. It's a good map and an excellent pack.

McBain has also come up with the idea of putting up a pack of arctic models and gun skins. I have uploaded it and the link is right above here for download. I have, however, only included the arctic models replacements in the pack and not the guns. Again, lack of space on my server. You'll find a replacement for every one of the 4 CT's and 4 T's. Be sure to back up your present models before installing these ones. The file weighs approximately 9 Megs. If you want the guns as well, head over to McBain's site, his Arctic models pack has both models and guns. That's it for now, I'll post again soon to let you know how things are going.
Daark Angel out!

December 7th 2001, The Blizzard pack is spreading...By Daark Angel

Wow! The pack has been downloaded a lot since yesterday night! My hit counter hasn't had a break either! This thing is really growing some wings. I got word that it will be on later on today and I'm still waiting for Fileplanet and to upload it.

I'd like to thank Spellbinder for helping out by posting about it on his site and contacting people in the CS community about it. Visit his site here and you can also check the post at Uselessgaming here, thanks to Accident for the post and hosting ;)

I've been consulting my partner in this, McBain, and we'll put up a mapcycle.txt for download by the end of the day. If you're a server admin and wanna run the pack this week-end, you could use it so all servers would run the same order of maps. I hope everyone enjoys the maps and wpts. If you wanna take a look at the maps before downloading the pack, feel free to browse in the Galleries section of the site; you'll get 5 screenshots of every map in the pack! Be sure to check the Projects section as there is some interesting things there. And finally, drop by the Links section, visit other great CS sites. More will be added soon! That's all for now, I'll post more mirrors as soon as they become available.
Daark Angel out!

December 6th 2001, Blizzard Map Pack is out!! By Daark Angel

It's ready, I must say Planet Half-Life took me by surprise; the pack was supposed to be ready for Friday. I just found out that they posted news about the pack late yesterday and that it was even talked about on a German Gaming TV show!! My Inbox was full of messages when I came back from work. I'd like to thank PHL for posting news about it, even though two days in advance. I apologize for all of you who showed up on the site and couldn't find a pack to DL. Mirrors will be up shortly; this has caught me by surprise. Look for it tomorrow on Fileplanet and I will add mirrors as they come along. If ever you wanna mirror the pack, just DL it without modifying anything and give me the URL to your site, I'll gladly post you here as a mirror. That's all for now.
Daark Angel out!