In the Anita Blake series the language of French is
spoken many times throughout. Jean-Claude is usually
the one that does seeing as how he's French and recently
Asher as well. Along the way, other characters chime in
also and here I have compiled the complete quotes in
French and explained their meaning for you.

ma petite
"my little one"

amante de moi
The Laughing Corpse page 194
"my lover", "my sweetheart", or "my mistress"

The Laughing Corpse page 201
It can mean "flirt" or "slut" but it's all in the way you say it.

je ne sais quoi**
The Killing Dance page 145
"I don't know what."

mon Dieu
Burnt Offerings page 49
"My God!"

noblesse oblige
Burnt Offerings page 156
"Nobily oblige."

je t'aime
Burnt Offerings page 160
"I love you."

C't'une bonne bourre.
Burnt Offerings page 205
It doesn't actually mean "a good lay" but more of "a good time" because 'c'est un bon coup' would be "She's a good fuck."

petit batard
Burnt Offerings page 213
"little bastard"

Je rÍve de toi.
Burnt Offerings page 231
It translates to "I dream of you."

Burnt Offerings page 234

un peu
Burnt Offerings page 314
"a little"

Vous dispose a apprendre.
Burnt Offerings page 315
"You have learned.".

Burnt Offerings page 370
1. whore/harlot (putain)
2. holy shit (Putain)

Blue Moon page 81

Morte d'Amour
Blue Moon page 122
"Lover of Death"

pomme de sang
Blue Moon page 123
"apple of blood"

mon chardonneret
Blue Moon page 123
"my goldfinch"

ma cherie
Blue Moon page 143
"my darling"

Bon heur
Blue Moon page 260
"Good luck!"

Blue Moon page 330
"head to head" not "heart to heart"

Tu es beau, mon amour.
Blue Moon page 379
"You are beautiful, my love."

Tu me fais craquer.**
Blue Moon page 379
"You make me crack." or "You shatter my heart."

Je t'embrasse partout.
Blue Moon page 379
"I kiss you everywhere."

Je te bois des yeux.
Blue Moon page 379
"I drink you with eyes."
* Technically it makes no sense in either language.*

Je t'adore.
Blue Moon page 380
Another way to say "I love you."