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Pre-Warp Era Colonies

These are worlds colonised before the advent of Warp travel. Starships of the time had to obey the laws of relativity and so took almost forty years to reach their destination in some cases. Consequently these colonies are close to their parent system ,be that Sol, Blee, Katorage or Alueian and considered today to be the very core of Community space. Also because of their isolation in the early days each system grew a vibrant and independent culture that for the most part resented the influence of the Homeworlds.


Sirius and the Sirian Unity
Beta Hydri and the Novagen Foundation
Beta Comae and the Liberation
Xi Bootis
Asterion (Beta Canum) Star Spangeled Banner
Eta Cassiopeia - Culture and Sophistication
61 Cygni - Zion
Barnard's Star - Its cold out there, no kind of atmosphere...
Iota Horlogii/Cain Peltrani
Iota Persei - Birth of a Techno-Anarchy
Alpha Centauri - Capital of the Community
Epsilon Indi - Almost a War
Alpha Mensae and the Mensan Archipelago
Ross 154 and Twilight worlds
Altair - "My God, its full of stars!"
Keteir - Otherwise Known as 47 Ursae Majoris
Arcturus - Black Holes and a dodgy past

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