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Starmaps part two

Some more star maps brought to you be the kind people who gave birth to CHVIEW

The Ti'Thal core

Here are colonised systems out to 30 light years from Katorage.Note the number of Human and Blee systems encroaching on this region from Castor & Cappela (Genevogue) at the top of the image round through Eta Cassiopeia and down the bottom to 61 Urase Majoris and Beta Comae. The Ti'Thal Relativistc colonies strech further into the direction of the stars of the Plough rather than towards Sol and Blee due to fears that other humanoids could be dangerous

Edge of the Zarquon Sphere

Out beyond the Hyades Sectors (in the constellation of Taurus)lies the unfriendly space of the Zarquons. Shown also are the Xiv Sectors, former Velge colonies that are now part of the Community and still bitter enemies of the Zarqs.


Here is the region of space 30 light years out surrounding Alnair (in the constellation of Gruis in the Terran southern hemisphere)Squit closly and you can make out some of the little red dwarf stars that surround the hot blue star of Alnair