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More Starmaps? Yes, itsa big universe baby!

Rasalhague and Psi Serpentis

60 light years out in the direction of Herculis (and eventually Sagre space) is Rasalhague , funded by "legitmate businesspeople" and with something of a reputation. In the bottom left hand corner you may also find Psi Serpentis, home of the Welcome Systems megacorp. Descriptions of these systems, nations and culture can be found under "Early Warp Era Colonies"


The large and diverse region of the Genevogue culture lies mostly in the Taurus/Gemini/Orion direction. Beyond lies the Hyades Sector, Aldebaran and the mysterious Hamal system.

The Alueian Region

Here are the systems around the Alueian twin system (star once reffered to by terrans as Zeta Reticuli) Being the home of two humanoid species the local star systems have at least two official names. In the case of bright or interesting stars such as Gamma Doradus or Iota Horologii they can have as many as five.