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Starmaps (or where the f**k am I?)

Below are some starpmaps rendered on CHVIEW (a downloadable version acan be found at All maps have the spinwards side of the galaxy to the left, the core of the galaxy in the foreground and glactic north to the top.

The Big Picture

Important systems or big bright stars out to 430 light years, just to give you a layout of the Comglaxay. The Community core is the big mass of stars in the centre.

The Community Core (20 light years)

these are the important systems out to 20 light years from Sol. Aside from the Blee Homesystem all these systems were colonised in the Relativistic Age are very old and established and horrendously expensive to stay in

Community Core (30l.y.)

Here are the important systems out to 30 light years from Sol. From the Beta Comae/Asterion region in the spinward/north direction through the Blee/Human colonies in the direction of Orion to Delta Pavonis and Beta Hydri in the south Real Estate is precious in this region with polities reaching out to nearby red dwarfs, white dwarfs and variable stars