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     Horned Copper Dvantarth, what a long title for such a small creature, Aleima thought as she watched the dragonet sleep.  Oh well, whatever his name was, he was hers, and very welcome, what an entrance he had made!

(exert from the Flurry Hatching at RW)

The next dragon shattered his shell so abruptly it elicited a cheer from the Mekora candidate. "That's the way to do it!" Aleima crowed. The copper dragon reared his head, proud of his entrance, his horns, and his silver-white stripe. That's nothin' Aleima! he said, running towards the winged half-dragon. Once I'm bigger, we'll get you flying again!

     Aleima smiled to herself, that moment was etched in her mind forever, Dvantarth was the most wonderful creature that Aleima had ever seen, his beautiful head with the two small horns on his nose, the rest of his head, neck and back smooth and bare, unlike most of the Ryslen dragons.  He didn't have a tail spade either.  His copper hide was dappled with white and his wings were a snowy white, if Aleima squinted and used her imagination she thought she could see snowflakes on his wings.  Aleima sighed, he was definitely worth loosing her wings.
     'Leima, Dvantarth whispered.
     Dvan'?  Aleima asked, hoping nothing was wrong.
     Oh, nothing's wrong, I just wanted to remind you that you haven't lost your wings, I am your wings now.
     Dvan'!  Aleima exclaimed burying her head in her lifemate's side.
     Don't be distressed, rider mine! Dvantarth said, worried about Aleima's uncharacteristic behaviour.
     I'm sorry Dvan', don't be distressed, I'm just so happy I have you know.  What I meant by loosing my wings was that if I had been able to fly after being thrown off that cliff then that green never would have found me and taken me to Ryslen and I never would have stood at the Clutch so I never would have met you.
     Oh, well, if you hadn't stood at the Clutch I would have gone looking for you.
     I love you Dvan', Aleima said suddenly, hugging Dvantarth even closer.
     'Leima, I can't breathe! Dvantarth gasped, Aleima let go of him instantly with a smothered laugh.
     That's not the right answer silly!

     Aleima screamed as Dvantarth dove and glided over the Weyr, not the girlish scream of panic some of the girls were showing, but the vocalization of the glee Aleima felt at flying again.  As Aleima drew a breath in Dvantarth swooped up steeply, almost straight up, Let's scare Nivalisth, Dvantarth's mind whispered in hers, I'll dive down from above and you call your war cry.
     You sure that's a good idea Dvan'?  I thought you were infatuated with Nivalisth, wouldn't tha-
     I am most definitely not infatuated with Nivalisth, I simply believe it would be fun to startle Nivalisth and her rider, Alaena.
     All right, Aleima agreed, the only reason she hadn't agreed when Dvantarth had first suggested it was because she had thought Dvantarth had liked Nivalisth, Dvantarth made very good plans for scaring people, which was all Aleima could do while at Ryslen.  It was the only outlet for Aleima's violent nature, a nature Dvantarth echoed wholly.
     Dvantarth climbed higher and higher, here we go, Dvantarth whispered before dropping like a rock.  Aleima took a deep breath a screeched out her war cry as Dvantarth dropped right beside Nivalisth's head.  Aleima saw Nivalisth rear back and then she and Dvantarth were by her, Dvantarth snapped his wings open and they glided over the weyrlake before Dvantarth began another assent.  The rollercoaster-like ride that was Dvantarth's flight pattern often scared the Weyrlingmaster, but it was the most exhilarating thing Aleima had ever experienced, no way would they start now.
     Dvantarth!  You and that stupid rider of yours!  Why did you do that?  You scared me half to death and Alaena is absolutely petrified!
     Dvantarth looked back at Aleima, who shrugged her shoulders, almost everyone in the Weyr knew about her pranks but only a select few knew about her past.  Well, uh, Nivalisth, see, we were just having fun!
     Do you think that was fun for Alaena?  Nivalisth shrieked back, and I think the Weyrlingmaster will agree with us that you were endangering lives!
     Aleima looked at Dvantarth, crap, she whispered, dishpan hands and messenger duty, here we come.
     We'll take one more dive and go to get our punishment, if we have to, Dvantarth said, resigned.
     We have to, Aleima confirmed, so make it a good one, we probably won't be aloud to fly for a while.   Aleima felt Dvantarth's sides heave as he sighed, climbing higher and higher.
     The Weyrlingmaster wants us back, Dvantarth stated suddenly.
     Then let's go see him, Aleima said with a ferocious grin.  Dvantarth's mind echoed her grin as he dropped, aiming for the Weyrbowl where the Weyrlingmaster would be waiting for them.

     A now full grown Dvantarth watched his rider pace, Dvan' had grown to be the same size, if not larger, than a bronze, he and Aleima had perfected their roller coaster flight patterns, the RCFP as they were referred to around Ryslen, very notorious.
     So Dvan', what do you want to do?  Where do you want to go now?
     You contacted Weyrwoman Alyia, of Mountain's Note Weyr?
     As requested, she said that we could come, we'd be welcome in fact.  She also said that she's heard of our flying techniques and says that if you'd like to chase a lovely female somewhere instead of going straight there, she'd be pleased.
     She's heard of us!  Dvan' exclaimed, the Weyrwoman of a Weyr we've never been to, knows us?
     Knows of us Dvan', it's an entirely different thing.
     Fine, fine, fine, knows of us, why would she?
     Maybe it's the fact that our 'flying techniques' are so dangerous that we're trying to kill ourselves, the fact that you've scared almost every dragon who's come into Ryslen airspace when Tiyanni wasn't looking.  In fact, if we weren't so clever, they'd probably kick us out of Ryslen 'cause of our 'flying techniques'!
     Dvan' was silent for a moment, then, so. . . . let's go check us out some ladies!

     Dvan, we've been to five Weyrs, are you sure you haven't seen anybody you want to chase yet?
     I'm sorry 'Leima, I just haven't seen anyone that's caught my eye, if I don't see anyone at Abri Weyr, then I'll chase the gold at Mountian's Note, what was her name? Raberth.  Or Karenenth.
     Not Karenenth, Aleima said sternly, anyone, but Karenenth, I do not want to be Weyrleader of Mountain's Note!  Besides, I think you'd be disqualified 'cause I'm a girl.  I'm pretty sure Weyrleader's can't be girls.
     Oh well, Dvan' said happily, I can see a much better gold to fly.
     Whew, 'bout time, I was starting to wonder if you were looking for Nivalisth.
     I was, before I realized that it would be best if I had some experience at flights first, I did just graduate three months ago.
     Three months of hell for Ryslen, I'm sure, Aleima commented, now that I think of how eagerly Tiyanni let us go to Mountain's Note, and how eagerly Alyia accepted us, I'm starting to wonder why Alyia wanted us at her Weyr so badly, Aleima shrugged, oh well.
     Just before Aleima's last comment Dvan' dropped like a rock towards Abri's Weyrbowl, Um, 'Leima, I'm not sure if the gold is going to be rising, perhaps I should talk to her?  Find out her name, then you can see if she is on the boards.
     Good plan, try not to blow dust on her, looks like she just got oiled, was Aleima's comment as Dvan' levelled out to land, swooping up from his dive quickly and landing with a cat-like grace that was surprising considering his size.  Aleima dropped from his back, pack in hand, wing slightly spread to prevent her from falling to fast, this was also a move they had perfected, the dismount.  Dvan' stayed fully erect and Aleima just dropped, carrying whatever she needed in her arms.  She didn't have to worry about fighting straps because Dvan' only wore then when they were fighting Thread, Aleima's tails worked just as well, maybe even better, then the straps.
     Settling the pack between her wings, Aleima set off to find the Weyrwoman and the flight boards.  Entering what she supposed to be the Lower Caverns she saw a young serving boy stop dead, eyes wide as she entered.  She did make quite a sight.  Her skin was maroon, her hands and feet dragonish, two maroon wings rested on her back, one was crippled from a fight she had been in before she met Dvan' though and she couldn't fly on her own.  Two tails wound out of her backside, ending in spades, not much unlike that of most of the normal dragons she had seen at Ryslen, Are you suggesting I'm not normal?
     Of course you aren't!  You're my big strong Horned Copper, one of a kind!  Now you go woo that gold, she's never seen anything like you before, she's bound to be impressed.  Aleima smiled softly to herself as she felt Dvan' to just that, the smile must have looked ferocious to the server because he yelped, dropped his tray and took off like a shot, several people looked to see what had been the cause of his distress and were equally surprised at her appearance.  Then Aleima saw a young woman who looked much like a gryphon, a being that lived on Alskyr, she had heard.  Except this gryphon was distinctly human, Aleima smiled again, it was like her resemblance to a dragon.
     "Hi, I'm Aleima," she introduced herself to the gryphon-girl.
     "Tanis, and don't worry about them, that's pretty much the same reaction I got."
     "I'll keep that in mind," she replied with a smile, "you wouldn't happen to know where the Weyrwoman is, would you?  Dvantarth's insisting we stay here for a while."
     "I'll take you to her office, who's Dvantarth?"
     "Oh, Dvantarth's my dragon."
     "A copper?"
     "Yeah, how'd you know?  He's a horned dragon, from Ryslen's Flurry."
     Tanis gave her a half smile, "well, you're Dvantarth seems to be trying to impress my gold Zanilanth."
     "I hope he's not bugging her," Aleima asked, while mentally congratulating Dvan', congrats.  You found the one dragon who's rider isn't terrified of me.
     Zanilanth is rising here, she's already flown twice but was caught by browns who couldn't give her a good flight, she only wants the best for this flight!  Go sign me up!
     In a moment, Dvan', I'm going to see the Weyrwoman first.  We do need somewhere to stay, she reminded her dragon.
     Right, right, as long as it's in Abri, I'll be happy.  Aleima gave her dragon a mental smile as Tanis replied to her question.
     "He's being most courteous, but pretty much everything bothers Zanilanth lately.  Here's the Weyrwoman's office, maybe I'll see you later."
     Don't worry, Aleima thought wryly, Dvan' 'ill make sure we meet again.

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