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I think RED, I see RED, I dream RED
I can't get it out of my head
The Red Rocker is his name
short or long hair, I love him the same
Sammy is the one and only
he ROCKS my world and he's no phony
he is the one that I dream of
the one that I adore and love
he is the one that floats my boat
if he ran for President he'd get my vote!
I'll be haunted by the mystery of RED...
until I am dead! O:-)

~~~Written for me, by my best friend Reno~~~
July, 2001

There were 7000 people....
There to watch Sammy sing
Sami showed him a sign ...
and Cory held up his ring
Cher started screaming...
Pat couldn't hear a thing
and when Sammy started singing....
Cher felt like an angel who just got her wings

~~~Written for me, by my best friend Reno~~~
May 12, 2002
After My family and I seen Sammy at the
~Dixon May Fair~ May 11, 2002

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