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This is my chance to tell you about a special woman, her name is Laura Olden. Laura is a friend of mine who is a fellow REDhead, we share our love for Sammy Hagar. Laura went to Cabo San Lucas on her honeymoon in 1997 and heard Sammy Hagar mention a local charity called Amigos De Los means "Friends of the Children" She wanted to get involed and went about trying to find out how to help. She got involved with the Charity and ended up becoming the charity liaison for SammyCon. She is a living Angel who has let these families touch her heart and soul, and wants so very much to help them. She has two small sons of her own. I was very honored when she asked me to make a web sight for her. I am in no way a professional webmistress, my Palace is my way to share my love for Sammy and it shows my sissy la la foo foo personality. O:-) I was happy to make this website for her, we have had fun and it has been a very huge learning experience for me and it has me involved in something that is so wonderful. I just want to say thank you to Laura this has been a GREAT experience.
Please visit her website the ~Amigos De Los Ninos~
Cher O:-)

Click Here

Laura Olden in Cabo
~putting the smile on that sweet little face~

I would also like to mention another wonderful woman who is also a fellow
REDhead who has been lots of help to us, her name is
Carla Stead.....thanks Carla for your caring and giving heart.

Carla Stead in Cabo

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