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As you probably know, the most annoying call in the world is a call from a telemarketer. They just annoy you so bad. Well, I've turned that around. Now I annoy them, and I record it. It's the most hilarious thing. Click the description links below to go to whichever recording you want to hear (I included written scripts just in case you can't hear it that good.)

I have a rating scale 0 - 10 with 0 being crappy and 10 being unbelievably funny! This will help you decide which ones to listen to first.

Here's the equipment I use

short nameRating (0-10)File sizeDescription
poop story5230 kbWindow seller wanted to know if we lived in a 1 or 2 story home. I didn't give him a straight answer.
death insure8.5602 kbHe wanted to sell me accidental death insurance, and I was messing with him.
car insure9716 kbI made the guy think I was interested in buying his car insurance deal, meanwhile my brother is making tons of fart noises. It's hilarious.
highway patrol8.5829 kb Some guy was trying to get donations for the highway patrol officers, and I played along for a while. Then my brother and I made some noises (you can guess what kind) and he was a bit surprised but he stayed on the line!
MCI29.5884 kbSome telemarketer guy was talking to my brother trying to figure out how much we were paying for our long distance service, and my brother had no idea how much phone services cost, so his replies were totally comical. At the end the telemarkter is so mad he starts cussing because he thought we hung up.
mad cat5722 kbSome guy selling insurance: I told him to hold on, I had to ask my wife something, I act like I'm asking a wife a question, then you hear an angry cat growling.
mortgage7.5998 kbSome guy was asking me questions about my mortgage so he could give me a better interest rate. In the background my brother kept yelling about chicken, and it annoyed the telemarketer.
mortgage callback6.5782 kbThe guy from the above mortgage call called back but this time I used my secret weapon.