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America the Brave

Weíve made the ocean crossing 
Jon perished on the sea 
Now all thatís left is Anna 
The babe Pieter, and me 

It was so hard to lose him 
My husband that I loved 
But I must now accept Godís Will 
He took his soul above 

Now only hours are left me 
Before we leave this ship 
Should soon see the horizon 
Then dock along the slip 

Iíve heard of Ellis Island 
And a Lady with a Light 
Who will guide our ship in 
She glows throughout the night

Iím so scared, just petrified 
Afraid of what will be 
Without my man beside me 
My heartís below the sea 

Now there are cries and laughter 
Excitement, theyíve seen land 
As the ship approaches 
I see the giant hand

I feel the Lady beckon 
Feel freedom in the air 
She holds aloft her beacon 
We are almost there 

My baby smiles, my heart pounds 
Weíve finally reached the shore 
A land so rich in promises 
Weíll stay forevermore 

Perhaps my darling husband 
Is looking from on high 
Seeing this bright beacon 
Reach to the endless sky

Iíll find my strength, Iíll have to 
To raise my babes alone 
And pray God that He helps me
Find peace in our new home 

America the Beautiful 
America the Brave 
Here I will always cherish 
The baby that He gave 

Born on the ocean crossing 
His Daddy held him close 
Just before death took him 
When the ocean waters rose 

I must stop all this crying 
Must look ahead and try 
To make the most of this new life 
Before it passes by 

The Lady with the Lantern 
Is such a wondrous sight 
I will always think of her 
In deepest darkest night 

She has somehow calmed me 
Brought solace to my soul 
And made me see that life, not death 
Must be my newfound goal

Iíll meet Jon in Heaven 
When my time is done 
And tell him how I made a life 
For his tiny baby son

America, weíre here now 
And we will face the day 
With a smile Jon would be proud of 
Even though he's gone away

Poem by Alice C. Bateman
Inspired by the Original Painting, Entitled Light From Above, by