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2001 SVBadGuy's Realm

Created by: Matthew A. Zimmer

Hello and welcome to my web site. This site is dedicated to my 2001 Suzuki SV650S. I bought my SV650S because of all of the great reviews it was given, plus it was the "#1 recommended motorcycle for beginners" by People Magazine. No, I'm only pulling your leg about that, but it was highly recommended by every dealer I spoke to. It is full of low to mid-range throttle response, however, it isn't as powerful as an inline four cyclinder bike most teenagers my age own (or in their case, finance). The way I see it, it is something I can handle for my level of expertise. Many people buy the fastest, most powerful bike on the market because they believe people will think he/she is cool if they can go 160 MPH. The fact of the matter is this: The ones who think they are cool when they go this fast won't think they're cool once they see their body in pieces at the morgue*. I decided to shop with a little more common sense. Then, after a couple of season's under my belt I could upgrade to something a little more powerful. By then, I know I'll be able to handle it.