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A B A N D O N    L O A D E R

Abandon Loader provides a front-end interface designed to maintain compatibility
and simplify configuration of old DOS games on modern PC's.
Requires Win9x/2000/XP.

Donations needed

Please donate to fund a website upgrade and to continue development of Abandon Loader as freeware.
Any amount will be appreciated.

Download (Freeware)

[ File scanned by McAfee Antivirus ]
Windows 2000/XP users: download VDMSound to increase Audio Compatibility.

FORUM / Online help


 VDMSound for Windows 2000/XP (Sound emulator)

Look no further...



Please contribute to the next release by sending your own ALG files
to (Screen dump not required).
Your email address will be kept private.


Many thanks to dfwny for hosting the file!