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February 26, 2005 - It's been a while, I know. Sorry. My hard drive crashed and everything was unrecoverable. I just updated a few little parts. I killed off the Short Bus section, the book was to boring. Sorry. I also took down Ruth's section, sorta. Megan wanted her pictures changed, so I did that too. Her's are the first ones in my Family section.


This website is pretty much as deep as I actually ever get. To know me, you'll have to read me, as I'm not a big direct bonding kinda guy. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing wrong with listening, and I actually like to do it and can learn quite a bit about a person from doing it.

Explore and see what's up for yourself. I know most of you aren't very computer literate so things are pretty simple. Click the arrow in the white box above this paragraph and select the catagory you want to see. Then click the "GO" button. From there there should be text where this paragraph is now and you can read about the things and click on the title like any other hyperlink. I have it set up so that if you move your pointer over a word, a line will show up under it. That's something you can click. After playing around a little bit you should catch on. Enjoy.

If you find anything on this site you think should be changed or fixed, email me. You can contact me with the info below. It's like the saying I just made up, "If it's broke, fix it. And if it ain't broke, improve it."

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Travis D Barrett
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