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40 (well, 39) things about me

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1. I like pointless lists
2. I can't do without a little clutter around me, although I'm quite tidy in general
3. I like fruit (lesbian) tea
4. I can't write something down if someone's talking to me about something different to what I'm writing
5. I can't dance to save my life
6. I will teach a cow to shit bricks if I think it will give me a momentary advantage
7. I speak quite fluent German and passable French
8. I'm shite at pretty much everything else
9. I don't give a crap about the majority of things
10. I do give genuine thought to the meaning of what it's all about
11. I have lots of interests, but I'm not sure if you could name any of them passions
12. I don't like practical things in general
13. My two sole ambitions are to publish a book and to be an expert in my field
14. I will take on the world for a cause I believe in
15. I'm a bit of a news junkie
16. I have the concentration threshold of a flea
17. I am utterly loyal, but unforgivingly bitter when that loyalty is betrayed
18. I've been to the US, Hong Kong, France (and Corsica), Germany, Austria, Italy, Spain, Greece (for about an hour, still counts), Poland, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Hungary and probably another couple which don't spring to mind right now
19. I want to go to Russia, Australia, the US again, Germany again, Poland again and China, to name but a few
20. I'm a linguist, but a crap translator
21. I'm full of contradictions
22. I love dictionaries and reference books in general
23. My day can be made by finding a cool word like, for example, 'umschlungen.'
24. I like reading on the loo
25. I love the poetry of C. Day Lewis, but I don't know enough of it
26. I'm good in a crisis
27. I like soggy cereal
28. I've both dreamt and sleep-talked in German before
29. I'm quite unabashed about the fact that I have no fashion sense
30. I live in Notting Hill, dahlings
31. I can put my foot behind my head
32. I think I can put the other foot there at the same time too, but have never tried because I'm scared of getting stuck
33. I am passionately against the death penalty, and will argue with anyone and anything to have it outlawed
34. I'm sceptical and sarcastic with it; perhaps not my most attractive trait
35. I like travelling, but I like getting home
36. One thing which puts me off the idea of living abroad again was that I pined for London when did, although I'm very aware of its aesthetic limitations
37. I'm very interested in the links between language, history and power
38. I think I'm quite well-read in terms of French and German literature, but not so much with English
39. I have a driving licence, but am phyiscally incapable of driving a car
40. Never say you're going to make a list of 40 things if you only have 39