Stonehenge.......The Myth Destroyed!

As with every page on this site, and every line of text on those pages, both of us have strived to provide only good, reliable and accurate information. Often we have thrown out weeks of work when one of us has found a doubt in the content and procedures used in a topic...This page is no exception. After weeks of research, weeks of net surfing and hundreds of hours online time, I found these two first pictures in a newspaper here in England...and instantly deleted all the previous pages about the Henge I had made.....the pages of plans, the pages showing little neanderthol stick men sweating with 20 ton stone blocks etc etc.....the pictures below made it all rather pointless really...your comments to the usual email address please.....and sorry if this page shatters any dreams , it certainly gave mine a good bashing!


The above picture shows Victorian workmen "repairing" the Henge in 1901.
You can clearly see the foundations being dug, the stones braced and supported by interlocked wooden planks, and and two men appearing to be mixing cement to hold the standing stones in place.

In this picture you can see a stone being raised and set upright.
It is encased in a wooden frame, and being guided into place by two
men using a block and tackle.

Here is an old pencil drawing of The Henge drawn somewhere between
1640 and 1709 by Henry Gytes. I count only 5 or 6 hanging stones here.
This is confirmed in the painting below.

John Constables' painting of 1836....See the chaotic scattering of the stones, and how few are actually vertical, and how how few "henge" (hanging) stones there actually are?. This confirms the photos in my opinion....Constable was a good acurate painter, and I can see no reason why, in this case, he didnt paint what he saw.

And finally, a rather unusual shot of the stones taken from the air,
showing much neater order, and at least 8 hanging stones.

Stonehenge is as much the work of 20th century engineers as prehistoric man, it can be revealed. One million visitors a year marvel at the famous ancient monument, but it can now by revealed as a myth, according to Brian Edwards, a post- graduate research student at the University of the West of England in Bristol.

Quoted from "The Mirror" dated Tuesday 9th January Mr. Edwards says "For too long people have been kept in the dark over the Stonehenge restoration work.I'm atonished by how few people know about it.

What we have been looking at is a 20th centuary landscape, which is reminiscent of what Stonehenge might have looked like thousands of years ago. It has been created by the heritage people, and is not the creation of prehistoric people.

Most guide books make no mention of the work during the Victorian era or the other restorations in 1919, 1920, 1958, 1959 and 1964."

Above texts, and both Black and White photographs taken from The Mirror, Tuesday 9 January...Page 11
The Constable painting,the old pencil drawing and Henge air picture found on the web.

English Heritage have promised they will make mention of the restoration work in their new guide books.

English Heritage spokeswoman Elspeth Henderson
(again quoted from The Mirror) said

"I don't think we have deliberately sought not to talk about the reconstruction. It depends what you focus on, and we think most people are interested in why it was built and the different elements of its' developement"

Well, they would say that wouldn't they??.....What do you call it when a person, or group of people, don't mention important and relevent facts about something?. What have we got here...A "Hengegate" incident?. From now on I focus on the fact that Stonehenge has been altered, messed about with, the facts hidden and that it was deliberately not mentioned....

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