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All the banners I have previously made and also the Example Banners!
My favourite animations I have chosen for you!

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We're all quite shocked about the terrosrism act in USA on 11th of September. Some of our family or friends may have got killed there. We all want to send our prayers to victims.If you feel so, then please put up this banner on your website shown above. The HTML is in the box below. Just copy and paste it on your website.

  • On this webpage you'll find out, how to hire me to make you some banners...blah, blah, blah...ok anyway. Ok propably you have come here, because you found out I make banners and want one for yourself! Anywayzz here's how it works. Here's what information you'll have to tell me for the banner:
  • what would you like as a background image/color
  • the size of the banner
  • text shown on banner
  • what animation I should use
  • text color
  • Text font
  • But if all the things don't fit (text does not show out...), then I'll make some changes! If it's ok with you, then let me know. The price of a banner is 2000np If the banner is ready, the I'll put it up and tell you the URL. Then you buy an item fom my neoshop with 2000np. If you don't buy it I'll delete the banner!!! You banner is ready in about 10-15 minutes!
  • To contact me:
  • Neomail me at - username cozmyc
  • E-mail me at -
  • MSN, if I'm online -
  • Call me:) - +37256607405 (Not prefered)