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Here is a list of potions a level 25+ shaman can make via alchemy, on an easy to use chart. Be aware that these trivials and durations are only approximate.

Name Components Effect & Duration Triv
L Stability Lucern Sage Leaf +5str +5sta -5agi 21min 18
L Vigor Lucern Birthwart +5agi +5str -5sta 21min 22
L Power Lucern Fenugreek +5dex +5str -5sta 21min 22
L Adroitness Sage Leaf Birthwart +5agi +5sta -5dex 21min 22
L Cohesion Sage Leaf Fenugreek +5sta +5dex -5agi 21min 25
L Accuracy Birthwart Fenugreek +5agi +5dex -5sta 21min 25
M Heat Sage Leaf Benzoin +5sta +5cold -3str 15min 25
M Cold Birthwart All Spice +5agi +5fire -3sta 15min 27
M Purity Lucern Night Shade +5str +5pois -3cha 15min 32
M Null Fenugreek Mandrake Root +5dex +5mag -3agi 15min 27
M Antibody Mullein Maidenhair Fern +5cha +5dis -3dex 15min 27
Stability Lucern Sage Leaf Blue Vervain +10str +10sta -10agi 30min 76
Vigor Lucern Birthwart Blue Vervain +10agi +10str -10sta 30min 76
Power Lucern Fenugreek Blue Vervain +10dex +10str -10sta 30min 83
Adroitness Sage Leaf Birthwart Blue Vervain +10agi +10sta -10dex 30min 83
Cohesion Sage Leaf Fenugreek Blue Vervain +10sta +10dex -10agi 30min 83
Accuracy Birthwart Fenugreek Blue Vervain +10agi +10dex -10sta 30min 83
Heat Sage Leaf Benzoin Blue Vervain +15sta +15cold -8str ? 96
Cold Birthwart All Spice Blue Vervain +15agi +15fire -8sta ? 96
Purity Lucern Night Shade Blue Vervain +15str +15pois -8cha ? 103
Null Fenugreek Mandrake Root Blue Vervain +15dex +15mag -8agi ? ?
Antibody Mullein Maidenhair Fern Blue Vervain +15cha +15dis -8dex ? ?
G Stability Lucern Sage Leaf Valerian Root +15str +25sta -20agi ? 143
G Vigor Lucern Birthwart Valerian Root +15agi +25str -20sta ? 143
G Power Lucern Fenugreek Valerian Root +15dex +25str -20sta ? 150
G Adroitness Sage Leaf Birthwart Valerian Root +15agi +25sta -20dex ? 150
G Cohesion Sage Leaf Fenugreek Valerian Root +15sta +25dex -20agi ? 143
G Accuracy Birthwart Fenugreek Valerian Root +15agi +25dex -20sta ? 150
G Heat Sage Leaf Benzoin Valerian Root +25sta +25cold -15str ? 163
G Cold Birthwart All Spice Valerian Root +25agi +25fire -15sta ? 156
G Purity Lucern Night Shade Valerian Root +25str +25pois -15cha ? 163
G Null Fenugreek Mandrake Root Valerian Root +25dex +25mag -15agi ? 156
G Antibody Mullein Maidenhair Fern Valerian Root +25cha +25dis -15dex ? 156
Adrenaline Tap Comfrey Dhea Flurry Quickness 5min 165
Antiweight Hydrangea Sumbul Levitate 12min 52
Ant's Potion Sumbul Celadine Herb Shrink zone 70
Aquatic Haunting Jatamasi Hydrangea Enduring Breath 30min 49
Blood of Wolf Birthwart Fenugreek Wolf Blood Spirit of Wolf 40min 37
Field of Bone Heliotrope ? TP to Field of Bone instant 170
Dulsehound Hill Giant Toes Balm Leaf Rage (melee buff) 3min 103
Etherias Poison Antidote Lady's Mantle Hyssop Counteract Poison instant 57
Frost Heliotrope Oakmoss TP to Everfrost instant 170
Graveyard Dust Fire Giant Toes Dragonwart Agile Rage (melee buff) 1 1/2 min 155
Kilva's Blistering Flesh Jatamasi Clubmoss Damage Shield (lvl/4)+1 10min 52
Kilva's Skin of Flame Jatamasi Clubmoss Clover Damage Shield (lvl/2)+1 10min 98
Kithor's Disease Treatment Lady's Mantle Echinacea Counteract Disease instant 57
Negation Mystic Ash Mercury Cancel Magic (1) instant 49
G Negation Mystic Ash Mystic Ash Mercury Cancel Magic (2) instant 107
L Rejuvination Lucern Sage Leaf Regenerate +10hp/tick 2min 37
Rejuvination Lucern Sage Leaf Figwort Regenerate +20hp/tick 2min 103
G Rejuvination Lucern Sage Leaf Agrimony Regenerate +40hp/tick 2min 163
Serpent's Conviction Fennel Eucalyptus Leaf Serpent Sight (infravision) ? 63
Serpent's Drink Sumbul Clubmoss Scale Skin (AC buff) 27min 63
Spirit Shield Sumbul Clubmoss Clover Shifting Shield (AC buff) 47min 110
Stinging Wart Frost Giant Toes Balm Leaf Calimony (hp/str buff) 6min 143
Swamp Heliotrope Bladderwrack TP to Innothule instant 170
Tamed Mercury Comfrey Mercury Flurry Quickness 3min 70
Unlife Awareness Fennel Elderberry Invisible to Undead varies 42

Titan Maliak Leaf Tri-Fern leaf Increases size of race (ineffective on large races) Until zone >180

Hawk Eye

Star Reach Clover

Tri-Fern leaf

Archery buff


Greater Mystical Infusion Sickle Leaf Yerbhimba +10 to all saves ? >180
Elixer of Concentration Violet Tritube sap Yerbhimba ? ? >180
Divine Endurance Betherium Bark Blade Leaf Breeze ? >180
Greater Divine Endurance Violet Tritube sap Duskglow Vine Clarity ? >180
Mystical Aptitude Yerbhimba Duskglow Vine Mana buff? ? >180

Note that the luclin trivials are still being discovered.