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Voices (English)

The first words in my dreams,
I could clearly see
Planet Eden high beyond the skies.
Beautiful unsadnessed history I tell,
of a winged travellers eagle.

Twas one day the wind guided him where to go,
like an eagle
high above he flew.
wading from down below
he flew out of site
into the mystical darkness.

Neither ice, man nor war,
cry I gave when he left.
Feeling my soul strangly lying.
And one thing, one day we fly forward
back to those places we once shared

where their souls glide in silky
ways end up gold
Deep in the gold such planet lights
Soon one day by the unique
will love imitate
confusion breaks through our world.

Cast a spell from the all magic book
scatter pearls
in a black magic box
something strange will happen
it wil take you so far,
so dry.

We can fly
we have wings
we can fly
floating free
we can go so far
on our wings
we have life.

Some one came from the dark or fell from the stars
protecting my heart from crying.
Taken back by suprise my traveller returned.
What went wrong? why did he change?


These lyrics were contributed to Sharon Apple Unofficial by KatherineCroft! Thank you!!