Halloween. When the veil between the spirit world and our own is thinnest. Evil lurks around every corner waiting for poor souls unwise enough to dismiss strangeness as pranks and foolishness.

Each year, I try to come up with new ways to creep out the neighborhood. Most often I am successful.

The Ghastly Graveyard was, all in all, a roaring success. There were tot's (trick-or-treaters) most unwilling to journey up my walk and some even came back to try again only to lose their nerve once more (and it never even got dark that night...BUMMER!)! Of course, there were the repeat customers too greedy for the eyecandy!

Kids (and parents!) comment on my efforts all year long! That's why I do it.

It really is frightening how easy it is to freak out my neighborhood. I have some pics and a small walk-through below, as well as some links to the coolest Halloween themed sites.

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