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Scanners America 2
9-11-2001 Live audio
Scanners Dutch
ELAL live Crash
Unit Designations

Note: Some links may not be active 24 hours per day.
Most broadcasts are live using the REAL player plug-in for Netscape and MSIE. Some links use the Windows Media Player.
Maybe some of the scanner don't work, please report to: Email:
Phoenix PD
Nevada L.V. PD
Orlando PD
Pennsylvania PD
Olean NY PD
Cincinnati PD
Polk County Channel 1 Fl
Polk County Channel 2
Polk county Channel 4
Polk County Channel 5
Staten Island PD
New Orleans PD
Kansas PD
Washington DC PD
Coral Springs
University Hospital
Las Vegas PD
Cincinnati PD
New Jersey PD
Des Moines PD
LA fire Dep
California Fire dep. 1
California Fire dep. 2
California Fire dep. 3
California Fire dep. 4
Washington NY Fire Dep
Brooklyn NY Fire Dep FDNY
Bronx NY Fire Dep FDNY
Manhattan NY Fire Dep FDNY
Queens Fire Dep FDNY
Indianapolis Fire Dep
Massachussetts fire Dep
Florida Fire Dep
Providence Fire Dep
Boston Fire Dep
Riverdale, MD FD
Pinellas Cnty/St. Petersburg, Fla FIRE/EMS
San Francisco Area Fire Dispatch(click "Radio")
Youngstown, OH FD
Chicago Fire Live
Onondaga County, NY Fire/EMS
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Worcester/Shrewsbury, MA Emergency scanner
Broome County, NY Emergency services
Rowley, Mass Fire scanner
Cape Cod, Mass Fire scanner
Peel Region, Ontario, Canada Fire Dispatch
Dallas, TX FD
Hernando, FL Emergency/Rescue
Calgary Alberta, CA EMS dispatch
Collier Cnty, FL Fire/Emergency
Concord, NH FD
Duval Cnty, FL Emergency
Williamson Cnty, TN Fire
Riverdale/Prince George, MD FD
Shreveport, LA Fire Buffs Page
Loudoun County, VA Fire and Rescue
Charlotte/Meklenburg Cnty, NC Emergency dispatch
Rochester, NY FD
Charlottesville, VA FD
Charlottesville, VA Area Rescue
Queens, FDNY
Manhattan, FDNY
Brooklyn, FDNY
Bronx, FDNY

Boston, MAFD
Providence, RIFD
Monroe County, FDNY
Cape Cod, MA area scanner
Alexandria, VA PD
Columbus. OH PD
SE Michigan, Pontiac Police scanner
Massachusetts State Police Scanner
Sturgis, SD/Black Hills area scanner
Edmond, Oklahoma County Police/Fire/Emergency scanner
SE Michigan Police/Fire Emergency scanner
NYPD Special Operations LIVE
Southern California Police/Fire scanner
Boston, MA Police Scanner
San Diego, CA PD
Deleware State Police scanner
Holyoke, MA Police scanner
Miami County, OH Police scanner
Cincinnati, OH Police scanner
Worcester, MA Police scanner
Des Moines, Iowa Police/Fire scanner
Mercer County, PA Police Scanner
Gibson County, TN, Emergency scanner
St. Mary's County, MD Police/Fire scanner
Roseville, CA Police Scanner
Pennsylvania Police Scanner
Wise County, VA Police scanner
Cincinnati, OH PD
Cincinnati, OH PD
Mobile, AL Police scanner
Kansas City, MO PD/FD
Edmon PD
Seattle, WA PD
Washington Cnty, OR Police scanner
Las Vegas, NV Police/Fire scanner (In stereo)
Newton, KS police scanner
Broome Cnty, NY PD/FD
Shawnee, KS PD/FD
St. Charles/St. Louis, MO PD/FD
Coral Springs, FL Police and Fire
Topeka, KS Police
Worcester, Mass PD
Lake Chelan, WA PD
KC/Johnson Cnty, KS PD/FD
Washington, DC PD
Dallas, TX SO
Dallas, TX PD
Plano, TX PD
Salisbury/Rowan Cnty, NC PD/SO
Phoenix, AZ Police, Fire, Air scanner
Moultrie County, GA scanner
Sauk, County WI SO
Marion, OH PD

All of us at Police-online are deeply saddened by the events of September 11. Our hearts go out to the families and friends affected.

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