A Secluded Spot

SidearaA young girl sits, staring into the water. The pond is still, no wind blows ripples in the surface this night. She doesn't know how she got there, but she does know that she wants to go home. . .where ever that may be. She looks up at the sky with tears in her eyes. If she could only remember, things would be OK. If she could just remember how she got here and where she was supposed to be. Hearing a sound coming from the woods behind her, she turns with a start and grabs the only thing she can find to defend her self, a small rock that didn't look like it could smash a fly. She stood and looked into the woods, hopeing that is was something small that couldn't harm her. Her only thoughts were on her survival, she would think about the rest later. A slight breeze begins to blow her long auburn hair and make it fall in front of her eyes. She brushes it away in time to see a small dragon like creature emerge from the woods. It appears so small, and couldn't possible hurt her, so she drops the rock and stares at the creature, willing it closer. It stumbles and falls. It's tiny cry breaks her heart and she rushes towards it.Suki Hutchling Oh, you poor thing. she says as she scoops the little dragon up into her arms. Where did you come from? she asked, not really expecting an answer. She walked back over to the pond and sat back down and began to sooth the small creature. She starts to remember hearing about the bunny dragons that inhabit this part of the forest. Surely this could not be one of them. You need a name, little one. I think I will call you Suki. I once had a dog namde Suki, it means moon. She was a wonderful friend and very dear to me. Yes, I think Suki will do nicely. she said. *I like it.* she heard. Did you speak? she asked. *Yes, in a way, I did. Since you have given me a name, do I give you one? Or do you already have one?* Suki asked. I. . .I am Sideara. What are you? she asked. *I am a Bunny Dragon, and I will stay with you from here on out.* Sideara looked and the small bundle of dragon she held in her arms. She stroked her feathered wings and gazed into her blue eyes. Sideara felt safe for the first time in a long while. She began to remember how she had gotten to the pond and where she had come from. All her memories began to flood back to her at once. She held Suki as close to her as she could and stood. She walked back to the woods and after a while, found her cottage. She was a healer, these woods were her home and she often sat out by the pond to think. She entered the cottage with Suki in her arms and started a fire so they would be warm for the night. For once, everything felt right with the world.

Name: Suki
Bondmate: Sideara
Gender: Female
Age: Hutchling
Color: Corliss (Purple, greenish and grey)
Notes: No fur (most BDs have velveteen
-like fur, or longer. She doesn't.
She has scales which will become
more evident as she grows, feathered
wings (most BDs have draconic wings)
which may change if she spends too
much time around water.
From: Venium Mactare

Learning to Fly