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A Place of My Own

Hello! Welcome to my genealogy page. In April of 2001 after purchasing a new computer I wondered how much of my family tree could be found on the internet. I soon found that many of the ancestors I had searched for many years ago through interviews and family records began to show up on genealogy web pages and I was astounded at what information I could further glean from other researchers who have their findings on the internet.

One late night as I searched message boards for information on my family members I came across a familiar story from another searcher looking for a long lost grandfather by the name of Pepere (pronounced in English Pep Pay). Anyone of French descent knows that the name Pepere is a common name used by grandchildren for their beloved grandfathers. As most of my background is French, all of my grandfathers were called Pepere and many of my French friends also called their grandfathers "Pepere". No big deal.

I began to read the notice further and could not believe the similarities in the story. This searcher was looking for her Pippi who lived in the Windsor, Essex County, Canada area and had one family then divorced and had a second family. The first family had been long disconnected from Pepere's second family and she was looking for anyone from the second family. Four hours later and after confirming here say stories, the connection was made. This was my half first cousin. Incredibly, she lives in Australia and I in Midwestern Ontario and we had connected. We knew nothing of each others existence but thanks to the wonderful world of the internet we found each other.

We have over the past few years compiled an enormous amount of information. If any of this information can be of help to anyone else then, SUPER! This web page has done its job. If you would like to share information or have information to add or correct please email me. I am particularly interested in researchers of the Belair, Bensette and DeLisle lines.

Happy searching and good luck with your family trees.

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Lawrence Belair Ancestors

Walter DeLisle Ancestors

Fort Malden
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16th Century Timeline

17th Century
New France

Fille du Roi

This is a picture of Lynne setting eyes on her Grandfather for the first time.

This is the resting place of my Uncle Francis who was killed during the Raid on Dieppe. He is buried in France.

Please email me
with any corrections or questions

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Thanks for your visit...this site was last updated March 2007 and continues to be updated with new info....NEW! Fort Malden Muster Rolls! ;^)

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